Job Seuren

Netherlands Ambassador

Photographer Milton Verseput

Job Seuren is Star Wine List's Amsterdam and travelling (often Valencia) ambassador. He’s been a Star Wine List enthusiast from the beginning, stating: "This is what the wine world needed!". Together with three business partners, Job owns and runs Zoldering in the heart of Amsterdam, a Michelin-starred restaurant, or rather neighbourhood bistro, with a true love for wine. In January 2024 they also opened a wineshop called Lof (praise) referring to the praise for Jenever, the Dutch spirit, and other beverages.

For years Job has been part of the international wine community as a board member of the Dutch branch of the Association de la Sommelerie Internationale, a jury member at international contests and more locally a writer for various Dutch wine publications, like ‘De Grote Hamersma'. Though Job loves wines from all over the world as a good sommelier does, he has a particular love for (aged) Bordeaux reds, Mosel Riesling, Rhone wines, Piemonte Nebbiolo and Barossa Shiraz. His expression "Won’t say no to a decent Burgundy either" is an example of Job’s sober provincial ‘aardappeleters’ roots and his university years in northern Groningen, though he tries to balance this scepticism with a smiley face.

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