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Congratulations to all wine enthusiasts in Amsterdam because in October 2022, Oocker opened at a stone’s throw distance from the famous Rembrandt Square and Amstel River. Owned by a sommelier team (Tim Meyer Viol and Niels van der Werf) who have previously worked at different great wine restaurants in the city like De Lobby, Gebr. Hartering and Shiraz, this place is a wine place that is here to stay.

The snacks and food (made by Stefano Orofino) are honest and yummy, but what else would you expect from Domenica’s former chef? The wine list is already great for a newcomer and promises to grow in the future. The list holds a wonderful selection of primarily artisanal small wineries with famous names like Raveneau, Mastrojanni and Cassiopea, but also lesser-known finds.

Loads of wines by the glass, too, using the Coravin system, so if you want, you can go nuts (and bankrupt, but that’s up to you). Good stemware too. Prices are very modest, especially considering the location in the heart of the city. Hopefully, the outside terrace will remain allowed by local authorities after Covid; having a drink here in the shades of Frederiksplein park is simply a must.

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    Gosia Kisza

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