Welcome to Star Wine List

We started Star Wine List because we thought there were so many restaurant guides in the world, but not enough guides where wine lovers can find good wine bars and wine restaurants.

We launched in Stockholm in May 2017 and are now growing across the world.

Selection of wine bars and restaurants
We list all kinds of wine venues ranging from small natural wine bars to fine dining restaurants, the main thing they have in common is that they are serious about wine.

The main criteria is this: we list wine bars and wine restaurants that we want to invite our wine lover friends to, when they are visiting our cities. We give our ambassadors a lot of influence over the selections in their cities - and you will see who has done the selections in those cases. In general we do not list private clubs or pure wine shops.

We also list venues that have won Gold or Silver in our Star Wine List of the Year competitions.

Star Wine List is not a membership for restaurants and bars. Venues do not sign up to be listed, and venues cannot pay to be listed. Star Wine List is a guide, and the decision to list venues or not, is solely up to Star Wine List.

It is not mandatory to have a wine list, or to share it, to be listed by Star Wine List. Especially not for wine bars or caves à manger, but it sure is a big plus in our opinion.

Is your favorite place not included? Everyone is welcome to give us a tip about venues, and we are assessing them on a continuous basis.

Have you had a bad experience at a venue we recommend? Please let us know info@starwinelist.com. We continually evaluate venues and remove places that no longer fit.

Krister Bengtsson, Founder, Publisher
Krister has a background in the media and wine industries. In 2018, Swedish wine magazine Allt om Vin named him Wine Person of the Year in Sweden. Krister is also an investor in the British wine bar and magazine Noble Rot.
Andreas Grube, News editor
Arvid Rosengren, Partner and our New York ambassador
Meet the all members of our team here: Star Wine List team


Q: Where does the logo star come from?
A: Designer Richard Kennett in Örebro, Sweden, used the W from "wine" as inspiration and four Ws make up the star.

Q: How does Star Wine List make money?
A: Venues don't pay to be on Star Wine List. We make money through sponsored content, competitions and analytics. Check out our business page.

Q: Is Star Wine List like a Michelin guide for wine?
A: Although we would not say it ourselves, many others have. It is true that there are similarities; we both use professionals instead of crowds for our guide choices. But there are differences too. Only one of us has wine lists to great places, and allows you to search for wines and to see where they are listed ;) Michelin has set a standard since many decades, we are honoured if wine lovers think we are in the same league.

Q: Is Star Wine List like Le Fooding for wine?
A: Although we would not say it ourselves, others have, especially in France. Le Fooding brought a fresh take on gastronomy, publishing and guide creation. It is an inspiration for us, and if wine lovers think we are in the same league, we are honoured.

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