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About Premium Estates of Austria

Premium Estates of Austria was established in 2004 by Alois Gölles, Fred Loimer, Gernot Heinrich and Willi Sattler. Shortly after, Fritz Wieninger also joined the group. Together the group, under the patronage of Stefanie Lobner, promote their products all over the world – and at the same time act as ambassadors for the Austrian wine scene.

”There has always only been support within the group, and never any jealousy or disagreement. The idea from day one has been to support each other, and to support Austria,” says Stefanie Lobner.

The five wineries all express their different terroirs, winemaking methods and grape varieties, but share the same view on the importance of an environmental-friendly lifestyle – all the domains are biodynamically certified, most of them since 2006.

Together, the ”Premium Estate family” as Stefanie Lobner puts it, offers a wide variety of products – wine, vinegar and distillates – from several of the most sought-after regions in Austria.

”We’re soon celebrating 20 years, and I believe that we’re getting stronger and better for every year that goes by. We are already looking forward to the next 20!”

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  • Stefanie Lobner
    Managing Director

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