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Bechtheim, Germany

About Dreissigacker

Dreissigacker stands for top German wine. Jochen Dreissigacker took over his parents' winery 20 years ago and gradually led it into the modern age. Dreissigacker's philosophy is characterised not only by a return to old values and sustainability, but also by innovation, foresight and forward thinking. This is how Jochen Dreissigacker managed to catapult the winery to the top of German viticulture. As the owner of one of the first wineries to sell selected wines via NFTs, he is once again demonstrating his pioneering role in the industry. Dreissigacker wines can be found not only in Germany, but also internationally on the best wine lists in top gastronomy.

Dreissigacker has been cultivating the vineyards in Bechtheim and Westhofen for more than 20 years, during this time he has experienced some outstanding and challenging years - because nature writes its own rules. As a winegrower, he adapts to these rules and tries to prepare the vineyards and vines as good as possible for what may come. He believes that only healthy and strong plants can cope with the weather conditions, which is why the team invests most of its labour in cultivating the vineyards. Almost 1000 hours of manual labour are invested in one hectare of vines each year. He relies on time, because in the end it is time that gives his Rieslings their full splendour.

Dreissigacker wines are definitely not "everybodys darling". They polarise and therefore have a large fan base, but also many critics for whom the wines are often too atypical. They do not conform to any pattern, cliché or any other stereotype, but Dreissigacker clearly endeavours to make independent, unadulterated and unique wines. This is why he has made it his mission to transport the soils and individual vineyards in particular into the bottle as naturally and gently as possible. You could say that sustainability, closeness to nature and, ultimately, time are what characterise Dreissigacker wines.

Wine team

  • Jochen Dreissigacker
    Winery Owner
  • JM
    Janne Michaelis
  • SK
    Samuel Kirr

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