How to be listed by Star Wine List

Star Wine List has two levels of recommendations: Red Star and White Star.


The White Star is a wine bar/restaurant where we approve of the wine list, but we do not yet have a visit and recommendation for it. To be a White Star, the venue has to share the wine list either on the website or directly with Star Wine List.
This is often the first step when we list a venue.


Red Stars are the venues that we would like to bring our wine friends to when they visit our city/region. They are venues that we have visited and recommend. Red Stars can be small wine bars, bistros, fine dining or hotel restaurants - all styles welcome as long as we think they are great places for wine lovers. We definitely prefer when a restaurant has a wine list, but it is not mandatory for wine bars. The Red Stars have full info pages on Star Wine List, with descriptions written by Star Wine List.


Anyone can recommend a venue to us, or suggest their own venue.
You are welcome to do it through this Google Form link.
If you cannot access Google documents - please send us an email to with the following information:
Venue name
Your email address
Your name
Are you involved with the venue as owner, employee or investor?
Attach the wine list in pdf format.
Thank you

We will first of all consider it as a White Star (unless we already have visited it and think it should be a Red Star right away).
When a venue is listed as a White Star, we will put it on our list of venues to be visited and considered for Red Star status through our network. For White Star, we can do the evaluation rather quickly. For a Red Star evaluation it will vary a lot, and we sadly cannot give an estimate how long it will take. For many parts of the world where we don't have ambassadors and team members, we will not be able to evaluate for a Red Star at all - and a White Star will be our highest compliment in many areas.

Star Wine List continually evaluates all listings, if you have had a bad experience at a Star Wine List venue, please let us know


Does it cost anything to be listed by Star Wine List?

  • No. We do not accept payments to be listed, and anyone pretending to represent us and make such a claim is a fraud (if that should ever happen, please let us know

Can I just send in my wine list and automatically be listed by Star Wine List?

  • You are very welcome to send in the list, but Star Wine List is not an open platform or a club for restaurants - it is a guide. Therefore Star Wine List makes the selection and decision whether to list a wine place or not.

Can a restaurant at a winery be listed by Star Wine List?

  • If the restaurant only serves wines from the winery, the answer is usually no. If the restaurant has a wider range of wines, we will consider it. We are planning to create new listings for wineries and winery restaurant so in that case, please contact us at

Does Star Wine List recommend private wine clubs such as 67 Pall Mall?

  • No, we currently only recommend venues that are open to the public (even though we think 67 Pall Mall is great).

Are you planning to recommend wine shops as well?

  • For the moment, no. We are focusing on wine in the on-trade, meaning restaurants, wine bars etc. Wine bars combined with shops can be recommended.