A wine walk in the history of Berlin and Potsdam 2024

Berlin isn’t just the seat of the German government. It’s also a city filled with some of the world’s best museums, concert halls, and night clubs, where the subversive rubs shoulders with the highest of culture. It’s also got a deep history, from spies to war to cinema. Here’s where you should visit as you explore.

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  1. Phone: +49 331 20090666

    Address: kochZIMMER, Am Neuen Markt 10, Potsdam

    Since December 2017, the Frankenhäuser family has had its kochZIMMER restaurant in the “Gaststätte zur Rats Waage” on the Neuer Markt in Potsdam. A "New Prussian cuisine" is served. Here, in the ambiance of the building from 1752, the culture and history of Potsdam can be experienced. Menus of the Prussian kings are interpreted in a modern way and paired with international influences. The wine selection takes you on a journey through the German and French wine-growing regions. They curate a drink accompaniment for you that is tailored to their menus of the new Prussian cuisine. The excellent...

  2. Phone: +49 331 20046540

    Address: Mangerstraße 34, Potsdam

    A freshly renovated Gründerzeit villa with a view of Potsdam's Heiligensee and a culinary concept developed by Berlin's top chef Tim Raue. It definitely sounds like a successful combination! In any case, the German TV presenter Günther Jauch―aka Mr “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”―the owner of the Villa Kellermann, has created the best conditions for an all-round perfect meal. Original architectural elements such as stucco decoration, wood panelling, doors, and a marble fireplace have been extensively restored, and furniture and lights have been redesigned and made to measure. The real highlig...

  3. Phone: +49 331 2701791

    Address: Jägerstraße 39, Potsdam

    The restaurant offers an ambiance that is unique in Potsdam and stands out with the enchanting charm of this cozy half-timbered house from the 17th century, which is a heritage-listed building. The restaurant has been one of the best addresses in Potsdam for years. Carsten Rettschlag creates for a mixture of classic French cuisine and his own modern creations inspired by Potsdam and its surrounding. A wine list with over 120 different references from France and Germany.

  4. Phone: +49 30 338402320

    Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 21, Berlin

    Restaurant VOLT is situated in the former transformer station Kreuzberg. Built in 1928, it sits directly on the banks of Landwehrkanal and knows how to fascinate with its flair: candle light and mellowed light from gold-coloured spherical lamps provide the right background for a sophisticated evening. The lovely staff welcome you to this place all year round. If you want to enjoy unusual service, you should visit this place. Prices in this restaurant deserve attention because they are quite attractive. Spectacular decor helps customers relax. Restaurant VOLT is a Michelin selection and has be...

  5. Phone: +49 030 41207344

    Address: Schönhauser Allee 176, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2023

    When you mention Pfefferberg to someone from Berlin, all you will get is a surprised look. The hidden area between Senefelder and Teutoberger Platz is unknown to many Berliners. One possible reason: Most of the restaurants that are or were based here tended to appeal to tourists. But that has changed in the past few months. Kink is both a bar and a restaurant and could easily be placed in NYC! The first thing you notice when you walk towards Kink is the imposing bar with its impressive red light installation by Swiss artist Kerim Seiler. I can't stop being amazed by it. The cuisine is full o...

  6. Phone: +49 30 54861070

    Address: Oranienplatz 14, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year DACH 2024

    Ora Wine Bar & Restaurant is located on Oranienplatz in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. The space used to be a pharmacy from the 1860's, Oranien Apotheke, and you can still see the lettering on the facade. In May 2020, after the first german lockdown, Ora launched a project that has become one of Berlin's most exciting dining experiences. The menu is changing daily and is always created from freshly produce that is traceable. It is a minimalist cuisine, café-style with flair, unpretentious and thoroughly contemporary European. The décor includes a green leather couch and bottles from the old p...

  7. Phone: +49 030 233276670

    Address: Carl-Herz-Ufer 30, Berlin

    For over 30 years, the half-timbered house Altes Zollhaus has defended its title as one of Berlin’s most timeless institutions. Now, head chef Marco Müller of Rutz Restaurant and his team of three-Michelin-starred chefs have taken over the management of the Altes Zollhaus located along the Landwehr Kanal, with a great and quiet garden. Florian Mennicken, who previously worked in the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, Facil, and also at Rutz, now spearheads the new kitchen team. Together with Müller, they are bringing all time classics from Mitte to Kreuzberg – tartar, pike-perch or meatballs – Berlin sty...

  8. Phone: +49 30 201805160

    Address: Kantstraße 79, Berlin

    An ex-women’s prison may not scream ‘romance’ but there’s something about Lovis that lends itself to candle-lit dinners for two. Hidden behind a discreet door on Charlottenburg's busy Kantstrasse, a 19th-century courtyard blooming with wildflowers and clambering shrubs leads to a gabled dining room with a canopy of twinkling lights. My friend Sophia Rudolph spent her formative years in Lyon, France’s “official” culinary capital, and went on to work with legend Alain Ducasse, so naturally, her cooking is rooted in classical French technique. However, her four-course, six-course, and a la carte...

  9. Address: Manteuffelstraße 100, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2023

    Located a few meters away from Markthalle Neun, the market square that hosts the famous RAW Fair, Nomi Winebar is the best new wine address in Berlin. They manage to take away the anonymity and hectic pace of the city and offer their guests a space to relax and enjoy, with advice at eye level, in a bar where everyone can find something. The enjoyment of wine is rounded off by small delicacies. They support small wineries that produce close-to-nature. This is also how the name of NOMI came about, which is made up of the words “No” and “Chemisty”. It’s important to them that when they select...

  10. Phone: +49 030 24628963

    Address: Kleine Hamburger Straße 16, Berlin

    Although you might think otherwise from the name, Strandbad Mitte (Middle Beach) in Scheunenviertel is a hub for some of Berlin’s best bars and restaurants, and is my recommendation after a stroll around Mitte. Head chef Tobias Gunter, who gained experience at the Rutz wine bar and Avui in Stuttgart, amongst others, cooks modern German cuisine at Strandbad-Mitte, including fine fish dishes that can be ordered à la carte or as a surprise menu.Many ingredients come from small, artisan suppliers; for example the cheese comes from Fritz Lloyd Blomeyer from Charlottenburg-district, the dry-aged bee...

  11. Phone: +49 0160 2856262

    Address: Nogatstraße 30, Berlin

    Behind Liesl Weinwirtschaft & Weinladen are the two wine merchants Wolfgang Baumeister and Egon J Berger, both originally from the Bavarian/Austrian region and now bringing their bar to Berlin. This place is all about eating, drinking, and socialising with friends in a relaxed vibe. Artisan wines and organic, sustainably produced food feature heavily on the menu and is served up in the cosy atmosphere. Typical plates might include mature milk from Peppikäse, air-dried sausages from Vorarlberg, bread from the region’s Tactil, fermented foods from Barbara Assheuer - and Slovenian sardines. Natur...