Maximilian Wilm: "Customers in Hamburg request more and more German wines"

Maximilian Wilm.
Andreas Grube
Published 22-May-2024
Interview / Hamburg

Today our ambassador in Hamburg, Maximilian Wilm, is adding five new Red Stars to our guide to the best wine bars and wine restaurants in the city. Here he speaks about the current trends on Hamburg's wine scene.

"Nice, small venues with a strong focus on wine are popping up more and more," he says.

He also says that many of the wine bars in Hamburg today are putting a strong focus on German wines.

"Especially German red wines. With the German Pinot Noirs, we have a very good alternative to Burgundy, price-wise, and also in quality. German sparkling wines are also more and more present on most wine lists.

The five new Red Stars are:
Weinstube zur Traube
Grill Royal Hamburg

What styles/regions are most in demand today?
"The customers in Hamburg request more and more German wines. But also classic regions like Tuscany, Bordeaux and Rioja are always in demand. And overall most people are looking for sustainable wines."

What are the new Red Stars adding to the scene?
"All the new Red Stars have a strong focus on sustainability, and also strong by-the-glass programs. 

Anything you want to add?
"A city like Hamburg, with nearly 1,9 million people, still needs more good wine lists."

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