Villa Kellermann


Potsdam, Germany

About Villa Kellermann

A freshly renovated Gründerzeit villa with a view of Potsdam's Heiligensee and a culinary concept developed by Berlin's top chef Tim Raue. It definitely sounds like a successful combination! In any case, the German TV presenter Günther Jauch―aka Mr “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”―the owner of the Villa Kellermann, has created the best conditions for an all-round perfect meal. Original architectural elements such as stucco decoration, wood panelling, doors, and a marble fireplace have been extensively restored, and furniture and lights have been redesigned and made to measure. The real highlight is of course the menu, with which Tim Raue presents his very own interpretation of German cuisine. A cuisine inspired by Brandenburg and Potsdam is served, which is down-to-earth on the one hand, but on the other hand, brings Raue's incomparable play of aromas from natural sweetness and acidity as well as a pleasant spiciness to the stage.

Being in Brandenburg, Villa Kellermann offers wine from the region too; Wolkenberg, is located in the south part of the State. Their wines are a true testament to the region and how the world is changing. The list sources wines from Germany, France, Austria, and Italy, showcasing each time a true regional interpretation of the locality they come from.

Great for

  • Historical building
  • Romantic

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