17 great wine bars and wine restaurants in Vienna 2023

From fine dining restaurants to casual wine bars – here is our guide to our favourite wine spots in Vienna, Austria.

  1. Phone: +43 1 9974446

    Address: Große Neugasse 31, Wien

    Best Short List of the Year Austria 2022

    Christina Nasr and Andreas Schwarz are the two running this cosy and smart place. For her dishes Christina uses products exclusively from like-minded people, most of them within the immediate vicinity, but also from Austria's neighbouring countries. The food is always fresh and with a lot of vegetarian dishes, so please order a lot of different plates and share with your friends. Andreas creates great drinks and will also help you find your perfect bottle – or serve you one of the best coffees in Vienna.

  2. Phone: +43 650 2334544

    Address: Tiefer Graben 9, Wien

    Vienna is very big in champagne, and the typical Viennese guys love to sit outside in the garden with a glass of champagne. Both of the Capsule bars are just perfect places for drinking champagne the way the Viennese do it! Also, the interior is quite striking, you can feel the exclusivity!

  3. Phone: +43 1 9444324

    Address: Fuhrmannsgasse 9, Wien

    Barbara and Hermann Botolen are the two people running restaurant Fuhrmann. Hermann is one of the best sommeliers in Austria and has worked in high-end gastronomy for a long time. He's an absolute expert in wine and very well-known in the community. The family Botolen is serving traditional Austrian cuisine on a high level.

  4. Phone: +43 1 2868563

    Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 17, Wien

    International By the Glass List 2022

    The owner of the wine bar Pub Klemo opened up this place early 2017 together with the sommelier Markus Gould. The name Heunisch & Erben refers to Heunisch, a grape variety that is seldom grown today but is important as the ancestor of many traditional Central European grape varieties. At Heunisch & Erben you will both find a big bar area where you can walk in for a glass of wine and some snacks, and a separate dining room. The service is casual, and the food high-quality with great value for money.

  5. Phone: +43 1 5356518

    Address: Marc-Aurel-Straße 8, Wien

    Special Jury Prize Austria 2021

    Kornat won gold in the category Special Jury Prize in Star Wine List of the Year Austria 2021.

  6. Phone: +43 1 5122229

    Address: Dominikanerbastei 17, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    Konstantin Filippou is a Greek-Austrian Michelin star chef, and you can taste his roots on his plates, mainly focusing on fish and seafood. The passion you feel in his dishes, combined with the service-team around sommelier Steffi Wiesner, will guarantee you a beautiful lunch/dinner. Konstantin Filippou won gold for best Short Wine List and silver in Grand Prix in Star Wine List of the Year Austria 2021.

  7. Phone: +43 1 5334260

    Address: Petersplatz 8, Wien

    Le Cru is an absolute hotspot for champagne lovers. This is not just a bar, it's more of a meeting point for high-class champagne. No big names, but very well-selected bottles, collected straight from the smaller producers. You can start with a class for lunch and stay until the evening.

  8. Phone: +43 1 9226679

    Address: Porzellangasse 53, Wien

    International Special Jury Prize 2022

    The two good friends Matthias Pitra and Steve Breitzke (MA = Matthias & ST= Steve) started this bistro in 2017, and before that the two sommeliers worked in high-end gastronomy for more than 15 years. This bistro has already become a hotspot for sommeliers, winemakers, retailers & food travellers – so when you come here, you might recognize some faces on the other tables or even end up in the bar with a lot of bottles and new friends. The food is locally sourced: fresh vegetables straight from the garden, meat from the local farmer. The menu includes high-quality products that are currently...

  9. Phone: +43 1 3304594

    Address: Wallensteinstraße 59, Wien

    This two-star-Michelin restaurant is not located, like other Michelin restaurants, in the centre of Vienna, but in the 20th district, a bit north. And this beautiful restaurant is much more than just Vienna – this is so international, so modern, so crazy it could be anywhere in the world! Markus Mraz is creating amazing food while his son Manuel is in charge of service, together with sommelier Thomas Reither. Since 2018 the family's second son Lukas also is back in Vienna and on the team.

  10. Phone: +43 1 512222910

    Address: Dominikanerbastei 17, Wien

    International Best Short List of the Year 2022

    One of the first bistros in Vienna, with top-notch food and an outstanding wine list. This place was actually the beginning of a new era of gastronomy in Vienna! Konstantin Filippou, the owner of O Boufés, as well as the two-Michelin starred restaurant next door, focuses on biodynamic and natural wines from Austria. Here you can drop by for a glass of wine in the bar, or (if you catch a table) have a nice dinner with friends and a bottle or two. If you are in Vienna during the ​summer, ask for a table outside and enjoy one of the best guest gardens in the city!

  11. Phone: +43 1 518180

    Address: Coburgbastei 4, Wien

    International Sparkling Wine List of the Year, presented by Nyetimber 2022

    The two Michelin star fine-dining restaurant Silvio Nickol is located in the luxury Hotel Palais Coburg. The food is excellent, and the wine cellar is outstanding. And if you don't know what to choose from all the great bottles on the wine list – trust the pairings of Thomas Juranitsch, Head Sommelier of Silvio​ Nickol.

  12. Phone: +43 699 11091332

    Address: Margaretenstraße 61, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2022

    Since the opening in 2006, Robert Brandhofer and his wife Tracy have really created one of the best wine bars in Vienna. They started with around 600 bottles and now they have more than 3,000 different wines on the list, with around 100 by the glass. In addition to lots of wine, there is also an extensive range of spirits! If you're hungry, you'll find some cold snacks and homemade pasta (which is a must-try!).

  13. Phone: +43 1 7133168

    Address: Am Heumarkt 2A, Wien

    Grand Prix Austria 2022

    The best restaurant in Austria! The kitchen is more than perfect, it's outstanding! And you will also get the best service there is: Rene Antrag, Chef Sommelier and best sommelier in Austria, and his team are creating the most perfect wine matches to the dishes of Heinz Reitbauer, playing with tea, sake, homemade juices and of course some great wine. The whole team is working perfectly together, so please just sit back and enjoy the skills of Steirereck. On the ground floor, you will also find the second restaurant of Steirereck, called Meierei. Here you can have a nice breakfast, super lunch...

  14. Phone: +43 1 8904665

    Address: Himmelpfortgasse 23, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    The first vegetarian restaurant in Europe with a Michelin star. High-end cuisine with perfect wine- and alcohol-free pairings. Head Chef Paul Ivic is also a wine freak, and he's always looking for new wines to perfectly match his vegetarian dishes. You will not even miss the meat or fish since each of the 8 courses is so intense in flavours. Andre Drechsel, the Head Sommelier, has created a wonderful wine list and the pairings are outstanding. You can also order an alcohol-free pairing, which is the best I ever tried. In the 7th district,​ there's also a bistro version of Tian: a nice casua...

  15. Phone: +43 50 706 3122

    Address: Jasomirgottstraße 3/5, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2021

    Wein&Co’s flagship store near the St. Stephen's Cathedral has a large selection of wine both from Austria and beyond in the wine shop downstairs. At the entrance floor you also have a dining part where you can have wienerschnitzel and other specialities with wines from the shop, sold with a corkage.

  16. Phone: +43 676 83 85 86 96

    Address: Lindengasse 1, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    Moritz Herzog, the mastermind of Weinskandal (an Austrian wine shop), opened this spot in May 2022. Here you will find all wines from the shop, but also some specials. Three sommeliers are working here, with head sommelier Stephan Martin taking the lead with his knowledge in bio and natural wines. There is also a small tapas menu with amazing snacks on the list, so this is the perfect place to stop by for a glass/bottle of wine and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the 7. district in Vienna.

  17. Phone: 01 3104407

    Address: Reznicekgasse 10, Wien

    International Medium-Sized List of the Year 2022

    Simon Schubert (sommelier) and Julian Lechner (chef de cuisine) opened this small cosy restaurant in March 2022. They serve classic Viennese dishes made from locally sourced ingredients: beef tartare, cordon bleu or poppy seed noodles, paired with a top-notch wine list. This restaurant is an absolute hot spot for all wine lovers and foodies. You will find older vintages of top Austrian producers and a wide range of international wines on the wine list. Simon Schubert is very well connected with the Austrian wine scene, so you might find a famous wine producer at the table next to you.