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Vienna, Austria

Photo: Michael Gruber

MAST Weinbistro Wine List

About MAST Weinbistro

The two good friends Matthias Pitra and Steve Breitzke (MA = Matthias & ST= Steve) started this bistro in 2017, and before that the two sommeliers worked in high-end gastronomy for more than 15 years. This bistro has already become a hotspot for sommeliers, winemakers, retailers & food travellers – so when you come here, you might recognize some faces on the other tables or even end up in the bar with a lot of bottles and new friends.

The food is locally sourced: fresh vegetables straight from the garden, meat from the local farmer. The menu includes high-quality products that are currently in season in Austria, and if you are having a hard time to choose: leave the decision to the kitchen staff and go for the “Chef’s Choice”, which has become a flagship menu at MAST. MAST is also open Sundays, which is quite rare even in a big city like Vienna.

About the MAST Weinbistro Wine List

The MAST wine list only contains wines that Matthias and Steve enjoy drinking themselves. Organic and natural​ is their standard. You will also find some “ghost wines” from Jura.

(Matthias Pitra is also Star Wine List's Vienna ambassador, Editor's note)

MAST Weinbistro Food Menu

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  • MAST has to be one of my favorite wine lists in Europe. The focus and curation is unmatched.

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