Malmö's 18 best wine bars and restaurants 2024

Malmö in southern Sweden is not only the home of some great falafel but also of great wine bars and restaurants. If you're in Copenhagen, welcome across the famous bridge and enjoy our selection of top wine venues.

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  1. Phone: +46 73-564 34 53

    Address: Fersens väg 4, Malmö

    Atmosfär has been around since the 90’s and a good bistro never goes out of style. After the pandemic we expect the party to resume and we’ll be back to finish off some more of the wine list’s wines. As you can see along the walls, there have been good wine times here too.

  2. Phone: +46 40-818 89

    Address: Jagaregatan 6, Malmö

    Aster chooses to go its’ own path and sets the bar high as one of the first higher end establishments opened in 2021 in one of Malmö’s most up and coming districts – Varvsstaden in the Western Harbour. Everything is more or less cooked over open flame and influences from the Mediterranean and the middle east are combined seamlessly with produce from the restaurant’s own garden. Even though the concept of “middle dishes” can be found wherever you find yourself in Malmö, this menu feels vibrant and is a welcome addition to Malmö’s restaurant scene. It is, to say the least, well worth the 10-minu...

  3. Phone: +46 40 30 68 50

    Address: Andréelundsvägen 5, Malmö

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Sweden 2024

    Bouchon is the number one destination in Malmö if you crave food based on the traditional cuisine of Lyon, France. The keyword at Bouchon is rich. Rich in butter, meat, flavours and size. They offer both à la carte and a three-course menu but be sure not to miss out on their speciality, the pressed duck, a truly well served classic. Bring your second stomach and eat your heart out! A cosy and clean atmosphere with a small bar that hosts a generous list of stronger liquors and a ​smaller selection of cocktails.

  4. Phone: 040-643 63 65

    Address: Norra Vallgatan 88, Malmö

    Beaujolais Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Inter Beaujolais 2024

    BISe opened in late spring 2022 and is a welcome breath of fresh air in Malmö’s restaurant scene. Influences are continental, with a relaxed yet playful vibe behind food, interior and drinks. The space is split into three main areas; a wine bar with a “living room-esque” feel, a dining room, and a small cocktail bar adjacent to the wine bar. In the wine bar, you can expect an array of a bit more natural wines by the glass and snacks in various sizes. The food is focused around a three-course menu where you choose your starter, main course, and dessert from a few different options. The plates...

  5. Phone: +46 40-12 12 53

    Address: Adelgatan 13, Malmö

    Sture 1912 is classic restaurant territory in Malmö, and the walls have housed a restaurant for over 100 years. Under new ownership from the end of 2021, the restaurant was carefully renovated and restored to a more classic brasserie feel. The result is refreshingly elegant and continental. The menu is classically Swedish, with a strong nod towards classic European bistros. Perhaps it appeals to an older crowd, and it is charming in an old-mannish kind of way. In short - a welcome addition to Malmö's restaurant scene, even though the price point is on the higher side. The wine follows the...

  6. Phone: +46 40 615 36 51

    Address: Folkets Park, Malmö

    Niche Wine List Of The Year Nordic 2019

    Far i Hatten leads a double life in the Malmö Folkets Park. During summer the big outdoor terrace is filled with people. During winter you have to look for the entrance to the old house and only a murmur and weak lights lets you know something is going on. But both summer and winter you will find sought-after pizza and small dishes and not least, a serious list of famous and lesser known natural wine producers. In the bar Malmö’s natural wine lovers and sommeliers can be found in the late hours.

  7. Phone: +46 40 97 18 18

    Address: Hjulhamnsgatan 5, Malmö

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Duval-Leroy 2022

    Johan P is a classic fish restaurant and something of a institution in the Malmö restaurant scene. Seafood platters, lobsters, hollandaise sauce and classic environments with classic wine list.

  8. Phone: +46 40 627 11 60

    Address: Tegelgårdsgatan 9, Malmö

    Sustainable Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Familia Torres 2024

    Located in the old town of Malmö, two stones throws away from the tourist friendly lilla torg in Malmö, lies Julie. A wine bar established 2018 and is borrowing its name from Beaujolais artisan wine maker Julie Balagny. And just as the winemaker strives to be close to the “more than biodynamic” approach to the wine so do Julie (the wine bar).

  9. Phone: +46 76 324 52 28

    Address: Simrishamnsgatan 36A, Malmö

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2024

    Lyran serves a set menu rooted in greens and complemented with selected seafood and meat depending on the season. The beautiful wine cellar behind a glass all has a natural focus. The wine list shows plenty of known natural producers from wine regions such as Jura, Loire, Burgundy and Sicily. But Spain, Austria and even Sweden may well be represented on the wine list.

  10. Phone: +46 40 43 81 81

    Address: Västergatan 6C, Malmö

    By the Glass List of the Year Sweden, presented by Riedel 2024

    L’Enoteca is Malmö’s living room and wine bar combined. L’Enoteca offers wine tastings, winemaker dinners and simple wine friendly dishes from Monday to Saturday. Great outdoor terrace for sunny summer days, and a perfect location near the central station if you want a quick stop.

  11. Phone: +46 40 664 64 00

    Address: Mäster Johansgatan 13, Malmö

    MJ’s is the former Mäster Johan’s hotel that has transformed into an oasis with a restaurant in the courtyard and a cool hidden bar next to it.

  12. Phone: 040-876 50

    Address: Drottningtorget 6, Malmö

    Marie Antoinette is on the corner of Drottningtorget, a small square in the heart of Malmö. One is welcomed upon entrance with a semi-open kitchen, a large bar with an ambitious cocktail program, and an aspiring wine list. The interior may allure a younger audience, but the quality of food, wine and cocktails attract an older and more experienced diner. The restaurant’s signature is a shared menu which varies in expression and price depending on the season and availability of produce. There are also some middle-sized courses for those who want. All in all – the dishes are focused, ambitious...

  13. Phone: +46 76 101 72 05

    Address: Erik Dahlbergsgatan 14, Malmö

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Sweden 2023

    When Alexander Sjögren opened Mutantur at the end of 2017, nobody thought the concept would fly in the long run. Many restaurants have opened with the hope of being able to keep closed during the weekends but have been forced to have open on Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant also only takes reservations between 5 and 5.30 pm, to make the later part of the evening more spontaneous. The restaurant's name translates into a Latin phrase meaning "change", and the only thing that hasn't changed since 2017 is the restaurant's opening hours. Mutantur is still closed during the weekends, and reserv...

  14. Phone: +46 40-12 13 18

    Address: Mäster Johansgatan 11, Malmö

    Australian Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by d'Arenberg 2022

    Ruth’s opened where it’s successor Bastard closed at the end of 2020, and in March 2021 gave Malmö a whole new type of availability with opening hours stretching from breakfast to late dinner. With their own deli curated with seasonal favourites guests are also given the opportunity to bring a piece of Ruth’s home. The ambiance is lively but homely and there is something for everyone on the menu, which is focused on locally grown and raised produce but also features highlights from fauna outside of the Nordics. To be able to enjoy breakfast at the same restaurant that you spent your evening th...

  15. Phone: +46 76-029 22 70

    Address: Östergatan 7B, Malmö

    Nestled in the old square of St. Gertrud, just a stone’s throw from more well-known Drottningtorget in Malmö, lies a small oasis for all sorts of champagne lovers. The ambience is homely, with a living room home away from home feel. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel like coming home to a part of one’s own family that is unified in love for champagne. The champagne list isn’t long but extremely well-curated, focusing on small, independent growers. There is something for everyone on the list, both newbies and experienced drinkers alike – by the glass and bottle. The pricing is very...

  16. Phone: +46 076-008 03 83

    Address: Spångatan 32a, Malmö

    Sauvage has a very hip address in Malmö, close to Folkets Park, Möllan and St. Knut. Head chef David Kjellstenius has, to put things short, taken a little bit of Paris with him to this already gastronomically established neighbourhood in Malmö. The concept is small to middle-sized courses focusing on quality produce and simple but straightforward taste. The menu changes with the seasons and is as tasty as wine-friendly. Overall, the restaurant is small and intimate, tries just the right amount to be cool, and truly succeeds without feeling pretentious or fake. The wine list gives a big nod...

  17. Phone: +46 40 793 13

    Address: Västergatan 16, Malmö

    Cozy, elegant and relaxed restaurant Västergatan in the old town of Malmö is one of the restaurants in Malmö to scratch of your bucket list if you are a foodie or a connoisseur of food and wine. Västergatans kitchen has since its opening days focused on clean, subtle and interesting flavours in the vein of the new nordic cousine. À la carte and tasting menus is always available and to that juice or wine pairings. Book a table for the full experience or pop in and hang out in their bar section for a glas or two.

  18. Phone: +46 40 23 09 10

    Address: 3, Frans Suellsgatan, Malmö

    The classic venue Årstiderna i Kockska huset in Malmö serves traditional Swedish cuisine in a historic setting. The wine list is also classically inclined with older vintages of wine regions like Bordeaux and Tuscany.