Malmö's 9 best wine bars and restaurants

Malmö in southern Sweden is not only the home of some great falafel but also of great wine bars and restaurants. If you're in Copenhagen, welcome across the famous bridge and enjoy our selection of top wine venues.

  1. Phone: +46 40 615 36 51

    Address: Folkets Park, 214 36 Malmö

    Far i Hatten leads a double life in the Malmö Folkets Park. During summer the big outdoor terrace is filled with people. During winter you have to look for the entrance to the old house and only a murmur and weak lights lets you know something is going on. But both summer and winter you will find sought-after pizza and small dishes and not least, a serious list of famous and lesser known natural wine producers. In the bar Malmö’s natural wine lovers and sommeliers can be found in the late hours.

  2. Phone: +46 76 324 52 28

    Address: Simrishamnsgatan 36A, 214 35 Malmö

    Lyran serves a set menu rooted in greens and complemented with selected seafood and meat depending on the season. The beautiful wine cellar behind a glass all has a natural focus. The wine list shows plenty of known natural producers from wine regions such as Jura, Loire, Burgundy and Sicily. But Spain, Austria and even Sweden may well be represented on the wine list.

  3. Phone: +46 40 23 09 10

    Address: 3, Frans Suellsgatan, 211 22 Malmö

    The classic venue Årstiderna i Kockska huset in Malmö serves traditional Swedish cuisine in a historic setting. The wine list is also classically inclined with older vintages of wine regions like Bordeaux and Tuscany.

  4. Phone: +46 40 43 81 81

    Address: Västergatan 6C, 211 21 Malmö, Sverige

    L’Enoteca is Malmö’s living room and wine bar combined. You’ll find a wide variety of wines by the bottle and by the glass, but not much of a wine list since prices are scribbled on bottles. L’Enoteca serves wine tastings, winemaker dinners and simple wine friendly dishes from Monday to Saturday.

  5. Phone: +46 40 786 00

    Address: Kalendegatan 7, 211 35 Malmö

    Paddy’s vin & ginbar (you can figure out what that means) is recommended by the Spanish empassy in Sweden and we understand why: pintxos and tapas are served with a serious selection of Spanish wine. But there are a number of other wine countries on Paddy’s wine list that runs over 200 references. The wine list leaning towards classically made wines, which is somewhat unusual in Malmö where many venues go for natural wines. And as the name suggests, you can find a lot of gin here too.

  6. Phone: +46 40 664 64 00

    Address: Mäster Johansgatan 13, 211 21 Malmö

    MJ’s is the former Mäster Johan’s hotel that has transformed into an oasis with a restaurant in the courtyard and a cool hidden bar next to it. To go with your dinner or bar visit check out MJ’s wine list that mixes the hippest Juras and Beaujolais with seriously heavy Californian wines.

  7. Phone: 040-97 18 18

    Address: Hjulhamnsgatan 5, Malmö

    Johan P is a classic fish restaurant and something of a institution in the Malmö restaurant scene. Seafood platters, lobsters, hollandaise sauce and classic environments with classic wine list.

  8. Phone: 040-627 11 60

    Address: Tegelgårdsgatan 9, Malmö

    Located in the old town of Malmö, two stones throws away from the tourist friendly lilla torg in Malmö, lies Julie. A wine bar established 2018 and is borrowing its name from Beaujolais artisan wine maker Julie Balagny. And just as the winemaker strives to be close to the “more than biodynamic” approach to the wine so do Julie (the wine bar).

  9. Phone: 040-12 13 18

    Address: Mäster Johansgatan 11, Malmö

    In gamla väster, the “Medina” of Malmö, lies the ever so popular Bastard. Since its opening in late 2009 it has been the point for accessible yet interesting wine and food. As it draws inspiration from places as St. John’s and the likes, Bastard also stands firm on its own merit with an ever-changing wine list, midsize courses and an impressive cocktail bar.

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