Lyran Matbar


Malmö, Sweden

About Lyran Matbar

Lyran serves a set menu rooted in greens and complemented with selected seafood and meat depending on the season. The beautiful wine cellar behind a glass all has a natural focus. The wine list shows plenty of known natural producers from wine regions such as Jura, Loire, Burgundy and Sicily. But Spain, Austria and even Sweden may well be represented on the wine list.

(Onni Pekkanen, sommelier at Lyran Matbar, is also Star Wine List's Malmö ambassador, Editor's note)

Lyran Matbar Wine List

  • Natural wines

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  • A bench can be more than just a bench. It can be a place were you ponder about the world's problems, look at people or dogs (or both), and sit and enjoy the sun. Or just a place where you drink wine. Restaurant Lyran has​ a bench. And wine. And sometimes sun.

Wine team

  • Onni Pekkanen

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