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Located in the old town of Malmö, two stones throws away from the tourist friendly lilla torg in Malmö, lies Julie. A wine bar established 2018 and is borrowing its name from Beaujolais artisan wine maker Julie Balagny. And just as the winemaker strives to be close to the “more than biodynamic” approach to the wine so do Julie (the wine bar).

Onni Pekkanen
By Onni Pekkanen

About the Julie Wine List

Expect to find wide variety of big household within the genre, such as Cornelissen, Dutraive, Valette etc. But be also sure not to miss their nice and fun selection of fresh wines on tap.
Or you can also ask their well trained sommeliers for help if you are looking for something special. A great cheese selection and rotisserie grilled cuts makes sure you dont need to go hungry.

More recommendations

  • Julie has one of the most focused wine lists in Sweden. The list is curated with the best producers in the natural wine world.

  • Contemporary and driven by natural and biodynamic wines. A lot of time, effort and passion put into this to give it a real personality. Very attractive pricing.

  • Sustainability is both one of the hardest and the most urgent questions in the world of wine. There was overall a strong awareness across the entries. This place wins for going one step further, including being a part of changing consumer habits, for example with alternative packaging. And it all resonates through the wine list, said jury member Nina Højgaard Jensen about the gold in Sustainable Wine List 2024.

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Wine team

  • Emma Andersson Sjöstrand
    Co-Owner & Wine Director
  • SG
    Sofie Green
    Head sommelier
  • Marcus Asplund

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