22 places in Skåne celebrating Riesling Week 2024

Riesling Weeks 2024 in Sweden is celebrated May 27 to June 9. Here are the venues in Skåne who is joining the Riesling celebration! (Sponsored by Wines of Germany)

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  1. Wines of Germany

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  2. Phone: 040-643 63 65

    Address: Norra Vallgatan 88, Malmö

    Beaujolais Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Inter Beaujolais 2024

    BISe opened in late spring 2022 and is a welcome breath of fresh air in Malmö’s restaurant scene. Influences are continental, with a relaxed yet playful vibe behind food, interior and drinks. The space is split into three main areas; a wine bar with a “living room-esque” feel, a dining room, and a small cocktail bar adjacent to the wine bar. In the wine bar, you can expect an array of a bit more natural wines by the glass and snacks in various sizes. The food is focused around a three-course menu where you choose your starter, main course, and dessert from a few different options. The plates...

  3. Phone: +46 40 97 18 18

    Address: Hjulhamnsgatan 5, Malmö

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Duval-Leroy 2022

    Johan P is a classic fish restaurant and something of a institution in the Malmö restaurant scene. Seafood platters, lobsters, hollandaise sauce and classic environments with classic wine list.

  4. Phone: +46 40 627 11 60

    Address: Tegelgårdsgatan 9, Malmö

    Sustainable Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Familia Torres 2024

    Located in the old town of Malmö, two stones throws away from the tourist friendly lilla torg in Malmö, lies Julie. A wine bar established 2018 and is borrowing its name from Beaujolais artisan wine maker Julie Balagny. And just as the winemaker strives to be close to the “more than biodynamic” approach to the wine so do Julie (the wine bar).

  5. Phone: +46 40 43 81 81

    Address: Västergatan 6C, Malmö

    By the Glass List of the Year Sweden, presented by Riedel 2024

    L’Enoteca is Malmö’s living room and wine bar combined. L’Enoteca offers wine tastings, winemaker dinners and simple wine friendly dishes from Monday to Saturday. Great outdoor terrace for sunny summer days, and a perfect location near the central station if you want a quick stop.

  6. Phone: 040-876 50

    Address: Drottningtorget 6, Malmö

    Marie Antoinette is on the corner of Drottningtorget, a small square in the heart of Malmö. One is welcomed upon entrance with a semi-open kitchen, a large bar with an ambitious cocktail program, and an aspiring wine list. The interior may allure a younger audience, but the quality of food, wine and cocktails attract an older and more experienced diner. The restaurant’s signature is a shared menu which varies in expression and price depending on the season and availability of produce. There are also some middle-sized courses for those who want. All in all – the dishes are focused, ambitious...

  7. Phone: +46 411 53 20 10

    Address: Östra Vemmenhög, Skivarp

    Swedish Wine List of the Year Sweden 2024

    Sydkustens at Pillehill is both a farm hotel, brasserie and wine bar. The restaurant is open year round and serves a locally sourced cuisine. The wine list is wide with wines from both old and new world countries, and in many wine styles. Wine tastings are often available, both scheduled and by request. For the restaurant you need to book ahead, bar guests are welcome to drop in.

  8. Phone: +46 42 506 04

    Address: Helsingörskajen 10, Helsingörskajen

    L'Enoteque is located right by the water in Helsingborg, and during summer they have a big patio where you can enjoy both wine and a beautiful sunset. Usually, there is around 200 wines by the glass to choose from; you just pick what you want from the bottles on the walls. The knowledgable staff can always guide you if you have trouble choosing.

  9. Phone: +46 76-163 40 40

    Address: Idalavägen 33-5, Trelleborg

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2023

    A winding road takes you to a small gastronomic oasis in the middle of the Scanian rapeseed fields between Trelleborg and Ystad – Weinberg’s hotel. The original Idala Farm has been transformed under the ownership of the Weinbergs to become a small gem when it comes to gastro tourism with hotel rooms of international standard, an ambitious restaurant with its’ own garden and vineyard. There is also a banquet hall to accommodate even the bigger groups of guests. The rooms are decorated in a fun and unexpected fashion, and none is the other alike. The restaurant delivers courses based on the ga...

  10. Phone: 044-22 60 00

    Address: Arkelstorpsvägen 79, Kristianstad

  11. Phone: +46 0411-414 14

    Address: Björnstjernegatan 5, Ystad

    Restaurang Tumült is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  12. Phone: +46 0414-100 88

    Address: Storgatan 3, Simrishamn

  13. Phone: +46 411-305 51

    Address: Landsvägen 32, Skivarp

  14. Phone: 0709927724

    Address: Östersjögatan 94

  15. Phone: 0431-36 45 90

    Address: Pål Romares gata 2, Torekov

    G.Swenson's is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  16. Phone: 042-12 90 35

    Address: Södra Storgatan 19, Helsingborg

    Château Forêt is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  17. Phone: +46 042-36 22 30

    Address: Bökebolsvägen 11, Mölle

    Grand Hotell Mölle is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  18. Phone: +46 0431-55 81 00

    Address: Kyrkogatan 2, Båstad

    Skansen Båstad is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  19. Phone: +46 073-440 37 06

    Address: Östra Storgatan 35, Kristianstad

    Bara Vin och Bistro is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  20. Phone: 046-211 44 47

    Address: Stadsparksgatan, Lund

    Hos Talevski is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  21. Phone: +46 073-520 47 30

    Address: Lilla Södergatan 2, Lund

    Ivini Vinbaren is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  22. Phone: +46 073-408 80 65

    Address: Slottsgatan 5, Landskrona

    Thimans Vinbar is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.

  23. Address: Kyrkogatan 17, Lund

    Lenoteket Vinbar is a part of Riesling Week Sweden.