6 top-notch wine bars in Vienna 2023

Whether you want to drop by for a quick glass or stay the evening for a couple of bottles – here are our guide to some great wine bars in Vienna not to miss!

  1. Phone: +43 650 2334544

    Address: Tiefer Graben 9, Wien

    Vienna is very big in champagne, and the typical Viennese guys love to sit outside in the garden with a glass of champagne. Both of the Capsule bars are just perfect places for drinking champagne the way the Viennese do it! Also, the interior is quite striking, you can feel the exclusivity!

  2. Phone: +43 1 5356518

    Address: Marc-Aurel-Straße 8, Wien

    Special Jury Prize Austria 2021

    Kornat won gold in the category Special Jury Prize in Star Wine List of the Year Austria 2021.

  3. Phone: +43 1 5334260

    Address: Petersplatz 8, Wien

    Le Cru is an absolute hotspot for champagne lovers. This is not just a bar, it's more of a meeting point for high-class champagne. No big names, but very well-selected bottles, collected straight from the smaller producers. You can start with a class for lunch and stay until the evening.

  4. Phone: +43 699 11091332

    Address: Margaretenstraße 61, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2022

    Since the opening in 2006, Robert Brandhofer and his wife Tracy have really created one of the best wine bars in Vienna. They started with around 600 bottles and now they have more than 3,000 different wines on the list, with around 100 by the glass. In addition to lots of wine, there is also an extensive range of spirits! If you're hungry, you'll find some cold snacks and homemade pasta (which is a must-try!).

  5. Phone: +43 676 83 85 86 96

    Address: Lindengasse 1, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    Moritz Herzog, the mastermind of Weinskandal (an Austrian wine shop), opened this spot in May 2022. Here you will find all wines from the shop, but also some specials. Three sommeliers are working here, with head sommelier Stephan Martin taking the lead with his knowledge in bio and natural wines. There is also a small tapas menu with amazing snacks on the list, so this is the perfect place to stop by for a glass/bottle of wine and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the 7. district in Vienna.

  6. Phone: +43 50 706 3122

    Address: Jasomirgottstraße 3/5, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2021

    Wein&Co’s flagship store near the St. Stephen's Cathedral has a large selection of wine both from Austria and beyond in the wine shop downstairs. At the entrance floor you also have a dining part where you can have wienerschnitzel and other specialities with wines from the shop, sold with a corkage.