7 top-notch wine bars in Vienna 2024

Whether you want to drop by for a quick glass or stay the evening for a couple of bottles – here are our guide to some great wine bars in Vienna not to miss!

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  1. Phone: +43 01 52210570

    Address: Burggasse 57, Wien

    An old espresso with a wonderful business sign – like an old-fashioned 1950s sign – serves as the ambience of this ambitious wine bar. Here you can taste plenty of natural wines and the music is sometimes excellent. This is a typical kind of recently opened wine bars in Vienna, dedicated to a young and curious crowd of wine consumers. These are the perfect contrast to the Viennese wine venues of traditional style, called der Heurige.

  2. Phone: +43 650 2334544

    Address: Tiefer Graben 9, Wien

    This luxurious and cosy Champagne bar is the perfect stop after doing business or shopping in the centre of Vienna. Here, Champagne is the only meaning of life for the owners and the service crew. You lean back and enjoy bubbles either by the glass or – much better – bottle by bottle. The selection is for beginners (classics like Krug or Bollinger) and connoisseurs (lots of not-so-well-known smaller Champagne houses) alike. If you work up an appetite, you can choose between a small range of snacks like caviar or a buttery Croque Monsieur with truffled ham. Sometimes, what started as an after-...

  3. Phone: +43 1 5356518

    Address: Marc-Aurel-Straße 8, Wien

    Special Jury Prize Austria 2021

    Kornat won gold in the category Special Jury Prize in Star Wine List of the Year Austria 2021.

  4. Phone: +43 1 5334260

    Address: Petersplatz 8, Wien

    One of the veterans of the not-so-old Champagne boom in downtown Vienna, Le Cru is an elegant bar that could easily be found in Antwerp, London or Paris. A small counter, a table with stools and a few seats, that's it. The room is characterized by a gigantic shelf with Champagne bottles. People meet here before or after eating, or instead of eating, or after shopping. The audience is a colourful mix of Habitués and newcomers from the suburbs of Vienna. The service provides competent advice and is enthusiastic about the task at hand.

  5. Phone: +43 699 11091332

    Address: Margaretenstraße 61, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2022

    The owner of Pub Klemo is also the owner of Heunisch and Erben. But this is one of the original spots of Viennese wine culture, even though it is not about the Viennese wines themselves (they are available at the Heurigen) but about wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. In the small, square restaurant, you can take a seat and look at the small selection of cheeses and ham (there are also warm snacks) and the wine list, a feast for the eyes. The prices are customer-friendly, and the service is top-notch, of course. Pub Klemo is a favourite of winemakers and sommeliers, and many wine-related events...

  6. Phone: +43 676 83 85 86 96

    Address: Lindengasse 1, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    The wine merchant Moritz Herzog, one of the most important figures in the Austrian wine scene, has fulfilled a dream and created a wine bar that is loved in London, Barcelona and Paris. Brutally natural, wild in its interior design, dedicated not to careful tasting but to unrestrained consumption. A tour du vin through Vienna should definitely pass by this bar. Casual, Spanish-inspired tapas are served as a base. The framework is as unpretentious as conceivable. Party time. Everything natural, but not just from Austria, goes into the glass here.

  7. Phone: +43 50 706 3122

    Address: Jasomirgottstraße 3/5, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2021

    Wein&Co’s flagship store near the St. Stephen's Cathedral has a large selection of wine both from Austria and beyond in the wine shop downstairs. At the entrance floor you also have a dining part where you can have wienerschnitzel and other specialities with wines from the shop, sold with a corkage.