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The owner of Pub Klemo is also the owner of Heunisch and Erben. But this is one of the original spots of Viennese wine culture, even though it is not about the Viennese wines themselves (they are available at the Heurigen) but about wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. In the small, square restaurant, you can take a seat and look at the small selection of cheeses and ham (there are also warm snacks) and the wine list, a feast for the eyes. The prices are customer-friendly, and the service is top-notch, of course. Pub Klemo is a favourite of winemakers and sommeliers, and many wine-related events are held here.

On the wine list, you can find both old and less old Burgundy, and some wines from Austria. Right next door, there is a shop where you can choose from around 3,000 different bottles.

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