8 great wine bars and restaurants in Lyon 2021

Lyon is not only a great city when it comes to food and gastronomy, it also has a vibrant and diverse wine scene. Here is the guide to the best wine spots in the city, selected by Star Wine List’s ambassador Marie Ponsonnet.

  1. Phone: +33 4 78 28 32 26

    Address: 6 Rue Hippolyte Flandrin, Lyon

    The Chef, Benjamin Capelier, grew up in the Loire Valley and, for our great pleasure, remained fond of his origins when it comes to wine. On the wine list, the Loire category thus offers a very nice and large selection from independent producers. You can browse more classic references as Huet, François Chidaine, Jacky Blot, and a more recent generation of winemakers pursuing the family story, for example, Augereau, Guiberteau, Verdier-Logiel and many more. Don’t miss out on the nice and well-balanced selection of Languedoc wines and the small yet exciting selection of sparkling wines and cham...

  2. Phone: +33 4 78 42 08 31

    Address: 24 Rue Palais Grillet, Lyon

    Noémie Schmider is a former student of the Paul Bocuse Institute. She graduated in 2018 and then opened her own place, starting from scratch with a vivid passion for authentic food and wines. The ambience is casual yet in an elegant setup where she pictured every single detail. I really enjoy the focus on small producers in Beaujolais and Burgundy on the wine list, but you will also find some nice picks from Alsace and Austria! This is a place where you can often go and never get bored since the wine-by-the-glass and the traditional “pot Lyonnais” selections are renewed every week. If you...

  3. Phone: +33 9 81 10 65 08

    Address: 3 Rue d'Algérie, Lyon

    Well, here is a well-curated and exciting wine list! The type that let you feel you could taste everything. It is composed by the self-taught sommelier Lolita Chevreau and one of the three associates, Pierre-Armand Blanco, who is also a wine merchant in Burgundy. The selection of Regain holds many regions with very specific references for each. Winemakers highlighted on the wine list are from family-owned vineyards and remind you of why you love wine. Don’t miss out on the magnum of Goisot or the Jobard selection, offered at very reasonable prices as the rest of the wine list (for our great p...

  4. Phone: +33 4 72 60 94 53

    Address: 3 Rue Laurencin, Lyon

    With a Bouchon Lyonnais, a Café, a Poissonnerie, and a restaurant, Chef Thomas Ponson literally created a mini-village for food and wine lovers within the 2nd district of Lyon. The wine list honours Thomas’ origins from the Rhône valley and offers, among others appellations, a fantastic selection of Cornas: Barret, Clape, Allemand, Voge, to name a few. You may also ask them to visit the cellar, called “La Réserve”, an almost hidden part of the restaurant where they sometimes host tastings. Now the real treat: they also let some bottles age, so be curious and ask Margaux Simon, the Chef Sommel...

  5. Phone: +33 9 52 52 51 38

    Address: 05 Rue Montcharmont, Lyon

    You may have heard of its sister restaurant, Café Terroir, owned by the talented and young Chef Jeff Têtedoie. If you feel more adventurous and ready to walk into a terrific wine bar, just drop in next door at La cave du Café Terroir. Once inside, the wall covered with wine bottles sets the tone! This is a true wine bar, offering over 700 different labels in a very casual ambience. Once there, you will meet native Lyonnaise people as well as wine enthusiasts and wine professionals from around the world. La Cave is a must for every wine lover.

  6. Phone: +33 4 78 37 44 84

    Address: 46 Rue Ferrandière, Lyon

    Mamasan is a Vietnamese bistro in the presqu’île of Lyon, one street away from the Rhône river. The food is delicious and traditional, in a casual and low-key setup. This place quickly became one of my favourite lunch spots (even if you also can go here for dinner), as one would not expect to see such a nice wine list. The list is quite short (less than 100 different wines) but so well composed by Vladimir, the host and co-owner of the place. The wine list mostly highlights wines from Beaujolais and Rhône but also offers a few nice names from Alsace and Loire. Also, one of the best parts: the...

  7. Phone: +33 4 78 37 67 35

    Address: 56 Rue Mercière, Lyon

    Anytime I need real Lyonnaise food, I go to Le Mercière, a “bouchon Lyonnais” that has offered typical recipes for 40 years. The Chef and owner, Jean-Louis Manoa, grew up with Marcel Lapierre and eventually met with Jules Chauvet and other legendary producers from Beaujolais. Naturally, he quite soon developed a great appetite and curiosity for good wines in general. Today, the team has a nice international background. Kilian, the sommelier, used to be a wine director in NYC. Together with the General Manager César, former Maitre D’ at Le Bernardin (NYC), they are in charge of extending the w...

  8. Phone: +33 9 87 14 20 50

    Address: 34 Rue Sergent Blandan, Lyon

    Facing the charming Place Santhonay, Bel Ami is an intimate wine bar and restaurant where you simply feel at home. The food is meant to be shared and channels a friendly spirit that you find in the place and among the staff. The stoned wall, the leather banquets and the wooden tables highlight the purity and authenticity you see on your plate and in your glass. At night, the Chef makes tapas-style cuisine so that you can taste pretty much everything, creating your own menu from the blackboard. Don’t miss the Iberico ham croquetas or the caramelized octopus!