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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Café Parlotte Wine List

About Café Parlotte

Talk about having guts... Having worked at a vast array of restaurants, owner Margot Los opened Café Parlotte with her business partners Marjolein Peltzer and Maarten Pinxteren at the height of the 2020 Covid crisis. To no surprise, the café/restaurant has been an immediate success from the start. The flamboyant Margot has surrounded herself with a team of enthusiastic young waiters, most of them with significant wine experience.

Pinxteren cooks in a classic bistro-style with comfortable French dishes. His sauces are to die for, and when you ask him about it, he will give you an hour-long lecture about different sauce techniques from famous 3-star chefs. Parlotte means "chit-chat" – and that's precisely what you feel and hear when entering the restaurant. Rumour and buzz give it a warm, enthusiastic vibe. A great and vibrant place to visit.

About the Café Parlotte Wine List

Parlotte's wine list is a mishmash of everything that Margot and her sommeliers like, mainly from the old world. From organic, even natural wines, from the Loire and Jura to classic Burgundy, Piedmont and Bordeaux. Very well priced, the wine list is a delight for wine lovers; you just want to drink it all. Even when you have a one-bottle night, this is a great place. You can always find the one bottle you want, especially when it comes to Champagne.

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