29 great wine bars and wine restaurants in Amsterdam 2022

​Amsterdam, the beautiful city with all its canals and bicycles – and wine venues! The last few years, Amsterdam has grown to a major wine city with a lot of interesting, fun and well-curated lists. Here is our guide to the best wine places in town.

  1. Address: Camperstraat 48-50, Amsterdam

    By the Glass List of the Year Netherlands 2021

    Occupying a double-fronted, airy and rather a minimalist unit in Amsterdam East, 4850 is a hybrid venue that operates as a coffee and wine bar – and morphs into a more full-blown restaurant in the evenings. What’s great is that you can decide to drink a glass of grower Champagne at 11 in the morning, or a single-origin pour-over coffee at 11 at night. Anything is possible. The cuisine has a decidedly Nordic slant (reflecting its Swedish owner), with clean, fresh flavours and a lot of fairly adventurous ingredients and seasonings. The interior is dominated by the glass-fronted cellar, allowing...

  2. Phone: +31 20 845 2005

    Address: Albert Cuypstraat 58-60, Amsterdam

    Best Short List of the Year Netherlands 2021

    A bit of Paris in Amsterdam. After a career in the city's culinary hotspots, Jan en Marije, friends Jean and Marie, opened their warm and 'gezellig' auberge in the heart of Amsterdam. At the end of the famous Albert Cuyp market, this cosy place was named the best French restaurant in the country. Not only in looks but more importantly, in feel, Jan en Marije bring their guests a true bistro experience. One great thing they left out: the famous Parisian rudeness and snobbery. On the contrary, after a tremendous meal, you don't want to leave the place without hugging the couple. As one can exp...

  3. Phone: +31 20 422 3318

    Address: Nes 37, Amsterdam

    Special Jury Prize Netherlands, presented by Vinos Baettig 2021

    This is a small and cosy wine and champagne bar just around the corner from Dam Square. Here, you'll be right in the heart of historic Amsterdam, in one of the city's oldest streets. When it opened in July 2005, it was one of the first wine bars in Amsterdam, and when you enter,​ you can immediately feel the lively atmo​sphere and the love for great wines. Soft lighting, modern but not too clinical, and usually packed with wine lovers.

  4. Phone: +31 20 737 3194

    Address: Rokin 91a, Amsterdam

    Below one of the best and most beautiful Champagne shops you’ve seen in a long time, Atelier du Champagne in downtown Amsterdam, the owners also started a wonderful bistro-bar: Bar du Champagne. Guess what; they only serve champagne. Oh, and some Coteaux Champenois and Ratafia. Owned by Rick Swinkels, who has made his mark with other great places like Coeur, Staets, Sjefietsje and Jacobz, Bar du Champagne is bound to be a success. Rick is co-owner with Koen van Schaick and Martijn van der Krogt. Though surrounded by tourist traps on Amsterdam’s Rokin, it makes its own independent mark. The l...

  5. Address: Bilderdijkstraat 36, Amsterdam

    ​Binnenvisser took over the site of an old ”stamkroeg” (pub) in 2018 and transformed it into one of Amsterdam’s most buzzing locations. The space still has wonderful period touches such as the stained glass quarter-lights and a proper room-length bar. The concept here is very much “bar” and not “wine bar”. The owners are serious natural wine fans, but there are also excellent craft beers and cocktails on offer. Food also takes centre stage for the earlier part of the evening. The five-course set menu is amazing value for money, and focuses a lot on creative treatments of vegetables – but the...

  6. Phone: +31 20 626 4939

    Address: Vijzelgracht 5h, Amsterdam

    The smart team at BAK are behind this entirely different offspring. Housed in a double-fronted canal-house, the space is broken up by stairs, mezzanines and walls, which works rather well to create a feeling of intimacy. Where BAK is all about the tasting menu, Bambino is about having fun. Sharing plates come in various sizes, but all are extraordinarily delicious, with a modern European, seasonal focus. Arroz with rabbit, or clams in white wine have been recent hits. ​You can sit here all night, happily grazing with friends.

  7. Phone: +31 20 737 2553

    Address: Van Diemenstraat 408, Amsterdam

    One of Amsterdam’s first “bistronomy” restaurants, BAK started life as a pop-up in a squatted space in 2013 and breathed new life into the Netherlands’ then stuffy dining scene. They now co-own the warehouse space, with its wonderful wooden-beamed ceiling and views over the water at Houthavens. You’re in for a highly creative seven-course tasting menu – except at lunch or weekday nights when there’s also a cut-down option. The cooking goes all out for seasonality and provenance and concentrates on foraged ingredients, vegetables, game and wild-caught fish. Flavour combinations are adventurous...

  8. Phone: +31 20 679 1532

    Address: Van Baerlestraat 158, Amsterdam

    Brasserie van Baerle is a modern-classical restaurant with an international profile in Amsterdam Zuid (south part), close to the famous shopping area. An institution for lunch and dinner, and a true classic in Amsterdam for more than 40 years. The setting is far from old-fashioned, with a festive, buzzing atmosphere. This is a typical restaurant where everybody is welcome. The dishes are honest French cuisine as a basis, but they also flirt with the Mediterranean cuisine and is at the same time faithful to the pure Dutch products. Classic dishes, like black pudding and crépinette of veal, ar...

  9. Phone: +31 6 25305030

    Address: Westerstraat 182, Amsterdam

    Talk about having guts... Having worked at a vast array of restaurants, owner Margot Los opened Café Parlotte with her business partners Marjolein Peltzer and Maarten Pinxteren at the height of the 2020 Covid crisis. To no surprise, the café/restaurant has been an immediate success from the start. The flamboyant Margot has surrounded herself with a team of enthusiastic young waiters, most of them with significant wine experience. Pinxteren cooks in a classic bistro-style with comfortable French dishes. His sauces are to die for, and when you ask him about it, he will give you an hour-long le...

  10. Phone: +31 20 678 7450

    Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam

    ​​Everything in Ciel Bleu (Blue Sky) is high: You dine in a luxurious setting on the 23rd floor of the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam South (the best restaurant view in Amsterdam, by the way). The level of the kitchen is also high, and it is not a surprise that they have gained two Michelin stars. Bring a well-filled wallet, because the prices are not exactly low either, but then you'll also get a truly unforgettable evening with impeccable service without stiffness; loose and friendly, Amsterdam-style. The parade of dishes is a feast both for the eyes and the tongue. For the foodies: If you wan...

  11. Phone: +31 20 210 3090

    Address: De Ruijterkade 128, Amsterdam

    Choux had its gestation in two hugely successful pop-up restaurants before the team settled on its current location in a spacious, airy converted warehouse looking out onto the Ij waterfront. It’s been one of the pioneers in bistronomy-style cooking – serious cuisine that nonetheless breaks the formal, fine-dining mould, and in natural wine. The menu invites you to choose a number of courses, all cryptically identified only by their main ingredient. When the dishes arrive at the table, they’re often beautiful in their conception and appearance. There’s a definite Nordic slant in the use of f...

  12. Phone: +31 20 623 8244

    Address: Prinsenstraat 22, Amsterdam

    Best Short List of the Year Netherlands 2021

    Right in the middle of the picture-perfect Jordaan district, Cafe de Klepel defines the Dutch concept of “gezelligheid” (cosiness, to translate approximately) with its welcoming, intimate interior. You have to reserve well ahead to score one of the precious tables, but there’s also a prominent bar with seating for couples or latecomers in search of a glass or two of the good stuff. Klepel is really all about the wine – the food is classic French bistro fare, well-executed but designed not to take centre-stage. The cheese selection is one of Amsterdam’s best. The staff here can recite lists of...

  13. Phone: +31 20 233 8642

    Address: Tweede van der Helststraat 3, Amsterdam

    This “bar à vins naturelles”, modelled on Parisian establishments such as Aux Des Amis or Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, kickstarted a natural wine revolution in Amsterdam when it opened in April 2015 – before then, there was absolutely nothing like it. The cosy shabby-chic interior has been packed almost constantly since opening, and the generous back-street terrace also gets mobbed in the summer months. There are, of course, no airs and graces here – basic glassware, a crumpled paper wine list and service that can sometimes struggle to keep up with the hoards that pour in. That said, it’s wond...

  14. Phone: +31 20 421 0699

    Address: Peperstraat 10, Amsterdam

    This warm, welcoming place has over time become one of the must-visit classics of the Dutch capitol. Just a short walk from the Central Station, yet in the quiet Lastage district, it is beautifully situated in a corner building bordering the canal and a lovely bridge. The atmosphere feels like a mix of an old traditional 'bruine kroeg' and a modern-day French bistro. Clean white linen tablecloths contrast harmoniously with the brown wooden walls. Under the leadership of owner Paul Hartering, a new generation chefs prepares pure, authentic uncomplicated, but refined dishes. Produce, traceabil...

  15. Phone: +31 20 636 5170

    Address: Aambeeldstraat 10, Amsterdam

    ​It’s not a hotel, and there’s no golden pheasant. But it is one of Amsterdam’s truly unique dining experiences. Housed in a vast warehouse (partly filled with vintage cars), in a gritty industrial part of Amsterdam North, Goudfazant regularly serves 300 customers on a Saturday night. If that sounds crazy, it is – but what’s even crazier is the excellent quality of the food and the efficiency of the service, given this massive scale. The cuisine is based around French bistro classics, with a daily changing menu that can be configured as a set or a la carte. The team who run Goudfazant are unc...

  16. Phone: +31 20 775 4344

    Address: Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 12 H, Amsterdam

    It’s almost overwhelming how many Italian restaurants you find cramped in the tiny Jordaan neighbourhood, making it all the more difficult to choose. Luckily three of them have fantastic wine lists, which makes the selection a lot easier. Perhaps the best of these three is La Fiorita in the buzzing Tweede Tuindwarsstraat. La Fiorita is owned by chef Thor Lunstroo, who made his mark in other fine Amsterdam establishments, and Benjamin Sanchez, who also owns one of Amsterdam’s best pizza places, ‘La Perla’ next door. Besides the wine list, the interior of this restaurant is also top-notch. Und...

  17. Phone: +31 20 737 0811

    Address: Tijdelijk op:, Geldersekade 29, Leidseplein 26, Amsterdam

    Restaurant Lastage in the Lastage quarters near Amsterdam Central Station is your favourite living room before it is a restaurant. Warm and welcoming it is regularly host to a mishmash of wine lovers, local wealthy elite and Dutch theatre artists. With a maximum of 26 guests, it is impossible to leave this homely establishment without gaining new friends. The cooking style is honest and expressive with a strong traditional French influence. Must-try is their classic epoisses with brioche and (sorry-to-say) foie gras. Patron chef Rogier van Dam has held his Michelin star for quite some years,...

  18. Phone: +31 20 638 0866

    Address: IJdok 185, Amsterdam

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    Restaurant MOS at Amsterdam's 'IJ' waterside is one of those restaurants where you could eat every week and never feel like it's repetitive. Though the setting is formal-chique, it is a very warm and comfortable place. The Michelin-starred food has always been good and over time seems to have improved to even higher standards. Light, refined, and at the same time unpretentious. The water view is fantastic, the service is friendly, and the wine list is great. Also very important, the value for money is superb, which is an extra reason to go back regularly. If you're looking for a more fancy n...

  19. Phone: +31 20 223 4901

    Address: Van Ostadestraat 354, Amsterdam

    The modern Peruvian cooking at this newish restaurant is nothing short of spectacular. It combines thrilling freshness with an elegant approach that never strays into fussiness. Sommelier Antonello Nicastri has put together one of the most eclectic wine lists I’ve seen in the Netherlands, period. Ever tried a Dutch Frühburgunder with your ceviche? Or how about a glass of Assyrtico with a divine dish of grilled mullet? The by-the-glass list is lengthy and varied, with good mid-priced options as well as some more prestigious choices. There are plenty of classics, including exciting grower Cham...

  20. Phone: +31 20 626 1912

    Address: Beulingstraat 7, Amsterdam

    This smart and intimate two-story dining room is hidden on a back-street just minutes away from the central station. It offers Italian fine dining which manages to achieve a rare combo – authenticity and innovation. The team have a strong commitment to slow food ethics and organics, and their use of as much local produce as possible leads to fascinating mash-ups of seasonal Dutch ingredients reinvented into Italian dishes. It’s possible to choose a surprise tasting menu – but if you don’t like surprises (I don’t!),​ then the staff will reveal all.

  21. Phone: +31 20 463 2142

    Address: Marcusstraat 52, Amsterdam

    Special Jury Prize Netherlands, presented by Vinos Baettig 2021

    ​Rijsel is a lovely bistro with the typical cosy Dutch atmosphere in a 60’s environment. Plastered and half painted walls, natural stone, steel, with old-fashioned furniture from the sixties makes this an honest and easy-going establishment. The dishes are authentic in a style typical for the Netherlands, with a touch of Belgium. Real comfort food, no-nonsense for everyone. This is a popular bistro, always packed with people,​ so please book a table.

  22. Phone: +31 20 774 6720

    Address: Noordermarkt 7, Amsterdam

    It must have been a heavy stone to carry, filling in the space that used to be one of THE classic restaurants in Amsterdam, Bordewijk, on the Noordermarkt. However, chef and owner Flavio Ghighoni Carestia do this with all regards. The light, slightly chaotic interior is difficult to define but reminds most of a friendly Italian neighbourhood bar where the villagers come for their afternoon drinks and snacks. Domenica, Sunday in Italian, is that warm place where the family with mama in the middle comes together on a Sunday afternoon to spend the entire day eating and drinking. Nice detail: it a...

  23. Phone: +31 20 337 9680

    Address: Gebouw 024A, Kattenburgerstraat 5, Amsterdam

    Special Jury Prize Netherlands, presented by Vinos Baettig 2021

    ​Scheepskameel is a bright and spacious restaurant with an open kitchen. It is housed in an old building overlooking the water, on the former Navy premises in the centre of Amsterdam. Great hospitality and good produce are the core elements at Scheepskameel, and the dishes are simple and pure. I love to come here because this is an informal, no-nonsense restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and a huge German wine selection.

  24. Phone: +31 20 778 6313

    Address: Lijnbaansgracht 267 HS, Amsterdam

    Shiraz Jardin des Vins has been voted the best wine bar in the Netherlands and the best wine bar in Amsterdam. This is a great spot to drop by for a glass of your favourite wine. There are two different Shiraz bars: one in the historical centre​ of Amsterdam, and one in The College Hotel in Oud Zuid district of Amsterdam. Everything is right at this wine bar: There’s the enthusiastic reception of trained sommeliers, a clear explanation of the wine list, and peace of mind to choose from the extensive wine selection. The interior is very atmospheric, with high tables interspersed with low seats...

  25. Phone: +31 6 19601556

    Address: Prinsengracht 422H, Amsterdam

    Opened only two weeks before the Dutch third lockdown, restaurant Sinck (named after the original Amsterdam Canal’s architect) on the famous Prinsengracht Canal is one of the biggest wine promises of 2022 and beyond. Started by top-sommelier Sabas Joosten, manager Timo van der Stad (both formerly at 3-star De Librije) and chef Sander Bierenbroodspot, it is an easy-going, comfortable, yet refined restaurant and bar in the heart of the city. Well-executed easy bistro-style food in an à la carte setting for more than reasonable prices and a winelist most starting restaurants can only dream about....

  26. Phone: +31 20 758 5275

    Address: Fizeaustraat 2, Amsterdam

    ​Hotel V & The Lobby are run by a bunch of ‘Amsterdammers’ in the 12th generation; true Amsterdam lovers. This neighbourhood restaurant has a casual atmosphere in an urban Amsterdam eclectic 70's style. Do not expect artistic, complicated dishes here, but simply pure, honest food from all over the world. Don’t miss the ceviche of Corvina​, veal cheek with beetroot pearl barley or oyster with cucumber granita and green apple. They also have a lovely bar just at the entrance, where you can sit down and choose from the menu and where I also like to walk in for a nice glass of wine. In the buildi...

  27. Phone: +31 20 623 2813

    Address: Lindengracht 75, Amsterdam

    ​When a restaurant opens in 1985 and is still at the top of its game more than 30 years later, it must be doing something right. Toscanini aims for authentic Italian food by focusing on super-high quality ingredients. The restaurant works extensively with slow food suppliers and uses an organic butcher for all its meats. The cooking doesn’t mess with classic concepts but just executes them sympathetically. The pasta here is particularly divine. The space is a converted workshop, exuding rustic charm and showing off some wonderful period features. It’s right in the middle of the Jordann’s bust...

  28. Phone: +31 20 556 4885

    Address: Prins Hendrikkade 59-72, Amsterdam

    Just like the name suggests, Vermeer is one of Amsterdam's classics and chef Chris Naylor, who is now developing concepts for various restaurants in Europe, has been at the kitchen's helm for over a decade. A culinary classic as it may be, both the cooking and the interior/ambience/service are contemporary and one of the best the city has to offer. The restaurant vibe is a pleasant mix of warm and luxurious on the one hand, minimalist metropolitan on the other, and a touch of comfy mountain lodge living room thrown in. With a classic French upbringing, Naylor's cooking is skilled and focused...

  29. Phone: +31 20 765 1212

    Address: Utrechtsestraat 141H, Amsterdam

    Special Jury Prize Netherlands, presented by Vinos Baettig 2021

    ​​Zoldering is a new wine hotspot in Amsterdam, open since 2019 and a real treat for wine lovers. It occupies a beautifully converted Amsterdam building, which makes the most of its high ceilings, space and light. Although it is foremost a restaurant, you can always drop by early or late evening for just a glass of wine by the bar. The menu is concise and often exceptional. There’s a lightness of touch to the modern European cooking, and a refreshing lack of pretension or unnecessary complexity. There are no huge tasting menus or filigree presentations – just top-class ingredients treated wit...