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It must have been a heavy stone to carry, filling in the space that used to be one of THE classic restaurants in Amsterdam, Bordewijk, on the Noordermarkt. However, chef and owner Flavio Ghighoni Carestia do this with all regards. The light, slightly chaotic interior is difficult to define but reminds most of a friendly Italian neighbourhood bar where the villagers come for their afternoon drinks and snacks. Domenica, Sunday in Italian, is that warm place where the family with mama in the middle comes together on a Sunday afternoon to spend the entire day eating and drinking. Nice detail: it also refers to the previous restaurant where the motto was that it was Sunday every day.

The food is probably the best Italian food you’ll find in Amsterdam. Chef Flavio has such a wonderful feeling for perfection and balance. It’s robust yet luxurious, refined, yet playful, but most of all, it is simply pure and delicious. Just like you want your Italian food to be.

The love for flavour is also reflected in the great selection of wines. Mostly Italian wines, like you want to find in an Italian restaurant, but also a nice array of Champagnes (like any true Italian place would have) and other French regions. The chef’s love for Burgundy is clearly reflected on the list. Most wines are made by small scale artisanal winemakers, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a true gem like Burlotto or a rosso from Miani, and for extremely reasonable prices, I may add.

It is a favourite restaurant of many, so it can be slightly tricky to get a seat, so if a seat is offered at the large marble bar, take it! The best thing, though: go here for lunch outside on a summery weekday. You simply have to experience the Noordermarkt in the shade with a good glass of wine in your hand.

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