Ca' Pepico


Valencia, Spain

About Ca' Pepico

A favourite in the city, though actually, it is just outside of it in the tiny Meliana village, a 10-minute cab ride away (or a 1,5-hour walk across the beach), is Ca Pepico. It's a hidden gem that shouldn't be shared too much, for it's one of those true traditional places that you want to conserve and don't overflow with tourists. That said, a wine lover should not miss Ca Pepico, a third-generation family restaurant in the middle of Valencia's vegetable farms using local produce to make outstanding, pure, honest, traditional food. Though they don't speak a word of English (and therefore are not too keen on tourists), they are extremely warm, hospitable, and super enthusiastic once you're in. Try to interact using your hands, gestures and google translate and you will surely have an unforgettable experience. Do order food you don't know; it's worth it.

If the cheap-looking wine list isn't extensive enough, holding not only an amazing selection of both famous and original wines from all over Spain (and a ridiculously priced 3-page selection of Champagne, Burgundy and more), sit down and ask for a glass of Sherry or something else the sommelier suggests. When it comes to wine, they're on top of it. Famous wines, small-scale artisanal growers, new-kids-on-the-block – it's all there, served in good stemware and, if needed, decanters. Go! Go! Go!

Great for

  • Hidden gem
  • Spanish wines
  • Worth the trip

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