The 10 best wine restaurants in Bilbao 2024

Here's the guide to the best restaurants in Bilbao where you also can expect to find nice wines. Check them all out below!

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  1. Phone: +34 944 55 83 59

    Address: Barrio Leguina, s/n, Larrabetzu

    The Azurmendi restaurant, located in a unique natural setting at the heart of Bizkaia, is one of the most awarded restaurants in the world. Home of the renowned Chef Eneko Atxa, it has three Michelin stars and was the best sustainable restaurant in 2019. The philosophy of this restaurant is closely linked to sustainability, local products and producers, giving great importance to Basque roots and tradition. Its cuisine stands out for its great flavour, beauty and subtlety in each dish. At Azurmendi you can enjoy the beauty and environment of the Basque Country, offering a unique experience b...

  2. Phone: +34 946 05 80 39

    Address: Barrio San Juan, 38, Axpe

    Mendigoikoa is an 18th-century farmhouse located in one of the most privileged enclaves of the Atxondo Valley (Bizkaia). They work with local quality products, giving value to a traditional cuisine that makes them one of the best grill restaurants in Bizkaia. To pair with their gastronomy, they have a wine cellar with more than 300 national and international references, highlighting a large selection of sparkling wines, especially champagnes. They have a wine list with the most important vignerons and labels, and many that you rarely find. You can also enjoy a lounge with a fireplace decorate...

  3. Phone: +34 660 30 32 51

    Address: Henao Kalea, 28, Bilbo

    Salitre Restaurant is located in the centre of Bilbao. It offers traditional gastronomy from a very personal view, which makes you feel the traditional flavours in surprising and innovative dishes. Bringing the most delicate flavours to the most demanding palates. The space offers an intimate dining room to enjoy a good dinner. The wine list holds more than 300 recognised national and international references, taking advantage of the great moment that Spanish wine is experiencing, and surprising with the whims of small producers. Ander Fernandez is the person in charge of managing the room a...

  4. Phone: +34 946 31 72 15

    Address: Bº Iturriotz, 11, Lamindao

    Garena Restaurant is a farmhouse located in the magical enclave of the Arratia Valley (Dima). Here, you can enjoy the cuisine of grandmothers and the culture of the farmhouse, in which you can savour a gastronomic journey into the past, based on and recovering traditional recipes, taking care of the environment and everything surrounding it. Among its awards is the much-desired Michelin Star. They have three different tasting menus, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. To accompany you on this gastronomic journey, we have Miguel Lopez, a Galician sommelier with deep roots in...

  5. Phone: +34 946 73 47 47

    Address: San Pedro de Boroa, 11, Boroa

    To talk about Boroa – a 15th-century farmhouse located in the municipality of Amorebieta and awarded with a Michelin star – is to talk about one of the most important restaurants in Bizkaia. Its gastronomy speaks of loyalty to quality, as well as traditional and innovative products. They have two tasting menus and a vegetarian menu. The wine cellar has around 400 national and international references. On the list, you will find new and trendy wines from smaller wineries with soul and passion, and at the same time classic wineries that continue to be a safe bet when it comes to value. A great...

  6. Phone: +34 946 80 62 80

    Address: Barrio Concha, 6, Concha

    Casa Garras is a small family business founded by Pilar Tejera and Bernardino Lamosas more than 45 years ago. Located in the Carranza Valley, this family restaurant offers two alternatives when it comes to good food: A traditional menu consisting of beans and T-Bone steak from Carranza, or a tasting menu with a much more modern and avant-garde point of view. Pilar Tejera is responsible for an extensive wine list that is alive and constantly evolving. Pilar, a renowned winemaker who has worked in several prestigious wineries, has collected a wine list full of jewels, curiosities and novelties...

  7. Phone: +34 944 46 13 47

    Address: Zabalbide Kalea, 221, Bilbo

    The Kate is an emblematic restaurant in Bilbao, located on the slopes of Artxanda, with magical views of the Botxo, a colloquial word that refers to the city of Bilbao. It is run by the brothers Amancio and Patricio Valino, who offer traditional Basque cuisine giving the maximum importance to high-quality ingredients. On arriving at the restaurant, you first go down to the wine cellar and have an aperitif, choose the wine of your choice on the spot and then take it to the table. The wine list is exclusively designed for national wines with more than 1,400 references – except for the sparklin...

  8. Phone: +34 946 25 35 20

    Address: Kurtzero Auzoa, 65, Muxika

    Located in the municipality of Muxika (Bizkaia), Remenetxe Restaurant is a family farmhouse where wine and the traditional food of the Basque Country go hand in hand. The venue has since 1987 been managed by Jon Andoni Rementeria, crowned Sommelier Champion of Spain 2018, and his sister Iratxe Rementeria. The underground cellar holds more than 1,500 references and over 23,000 bottles from more than 28 countries, where you can see all the bottles as if it were a museum. The cellar has sections for national and international wines, as well as sparkling wines. It also has an exclusive section f...

  9. Address: San Juan Auzoa, 45, Atxondo

    Txispa Restaurant, located on the slopes of the Atxondo Valley (Bizkaia), offers a unique gastronomic journey where you will discover the excellence of Basque-Japanese cuisine. The food is prepared with seasonal garden produce and gives importance to the grill in a farmhouse with four centuries of history. They have a single tasting menu for only six tables where all diners start at the same time, and the chef himself, Tetsuro Maeda, welcomes guests with an appetizer and explains all the dishes. For this menu, his team of sommeliers has designed a millimetre-precise wine pairing as well as an...

  10. Phone: +34 944 79 59 38

    Address: Martzana Kaia, s/n, Bilbo

    Mina is a restaurant located in the heart of Bilbao, awarded with one Michelin Star. They offer two tasting menus, one short and one long, giving value to local produce but without closing the doors to quality products from other countries to enrich its avant-garde cuisine even more. The wine cellar is run with great care by Italian sommelier Davide Dall'Amico, who aims to bring the concern of dedicated vignerons that produce wines full of terroir and personality. The list holds wines from the most important wine-producing countries, giving value to the wines of the land.