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Casual Dining Restaurant

Utrecht, Netherlands

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At a non-obvious location in Biltstraat, opposite a steak house, a shoarma grillroom, a construction market and a music store, a young team has dared to strip a building and renovate it beautifully. Quiet, serene and yet warm and neatly decorated. Playful neon lighting opposite self-grown mushrooms as wall decoration. Beautiful stemware, a nice wine selection with original and well-thought-out choices with attractive prices.

Of course, you come for the food too and what we got to taste was a beautiful, convincing selection of dishes where vegetables predominated, everything was well seasoned and the dishes, like the decor, were calm, confident, confident and balanced. Sometimes pure without additives, sometimes pickled or fermented, sometimes just fried old school.

Though the wine selection is not the most extensive, the list has been given some serious thought and attention. Nice pics from small authentic, often biodynamic and sometimes natural, growers. Even some wines that the whole world is after, and are very limited in stock. Great selection and in perfect harmony with the food.

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