De Kwartel

Restaurant, Wine Bar

The Hague, Netherlands

De Kwartel Wine List

About De Kwartel

With over 20 minutes walk through the dunes, De Kwartel is a hidden gem in the south of Hague, far away from touristy Scheveningen. Here you will find mostly locals and regulars. No designer chairs, trendy lounge sofa's or branded umbrellas here, just laid-back family-style seating. De Kwartel will make you feel at home.

After the place burnt down a few years back, crowdfunding kicked off the same day, and in no-time, the venue was rebuilt. That's how much people, primarily regulars, care about it. You would think a buzzing place like this would be on every investor's top list, but a change of management only seemed to deepen the belief in this neighbourhood beach house concept. So don't spread the word too much...

About the De Kwartel Wine List

Though De Kwartel may be the most welcoming and well-priced and wine-friendly beach house in the country, the wine list is complete chaos. The best option is to simply walk up to the overly stocked wine fridges and pick from there. This is not a place you will find many sommeliers to guide you, and the staff might serve the reds too hot if you don't pay attention. At the same time – you can't go wrong.

The staff is friendly, and the wine selection is extensive, so you will always find something you like. This is not the place to exhibit your fussy wine knowledge; just enjoy the place and the sun.

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