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Finally, after years of planning, throwing ideas, sketching and building a wine cellar, Benjamin is here. I’ll be clear and upfront: Though I have no financial interest, this is my brother’s restaurant (and I don’t want to disturb family wellbeing). However, not including it on Star Wine List would deprive you of a wonderful new wine place and I wouldn’t want to do that.

Situated on the footsteps to the famous Sint Jan’s Kathedraal (Saint John’s Cathedral) you find this cosy, warm and hospitable wine restaurant. Chiel Seuren is one of Den Bosch’s well-known horeca diehards, having worked in various top restaurants and hotels here for most of his life. His idea: a welcoming, accessible, low-key, good restaurant with an amazing wine list. With the help of a few wine-loving investors and some wine importers helping hands, he succeeded from the day the doors opened. The place is booming and on the to-visit list of most gastronomy lovers in Den Bosch.

With affordable à-la-carte dishes and a wine list to die for, he started from scratch and made it straight to pole position when it comes to Den Bosch’s wine destinations. The list is great, focusing mostly on classic European references with a large selection of Burgundy. There’s a small wine list too, for those who don’t want to work their way through the whole bible. The stemware is great with mostly Spiegelau Definition glasses, and having quite some experience in Dutch gastronomy, Chiel’s wine service is more than up to standards. As many Bosschenaren will confirm: Benjamin is definitely worth seeking out.

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