Job Seuren's favourite wine bars and wine restaurants in Northern Italy

Top sommelier Job Seuren, Star Wine List's ambassador in the Netherlands, has been travelling around in northern Italy. During his trip, he also visited a bunch of great wine bars and wine restaurants, and here is his guide to the wine spots you don't want to miss when going to Italy the next time.

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  1. Phone: +39 51 295821

    Address: Via Santo Stefano, 5a, Bologna

    Warm welcoming staff, pure honest fresh food and a lovely selection of wines. Both natural and more conventional and everything very well sourced/picked. They don’t have a printed wine list except for some things by the glass, but the wall is filled with bottles with prices on them, so you know what to expect, and the staff is more than welcome to help you find something of your liking. We came here for lunch three times, which should say enough. With good weather, the terrace outside on the street is a lovely place to have a break from walking around the beautiful city.

  2. Phone: +39 59 309 1008

    Address: Via Vignolese, 58, Modena

    Massimo Bottura’s bistro Franceschetta 58 in Modena may not look like a fancy place, but the food surely is fantastic and the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The wine list is amazing and amazingly priced. With various local Lambrusco’s, even two by the glass, the tone is set. Bottura’s sommeliers have access to some of the most sought after stuff in the country, that’s for sure, and the prices are extremely fair. If you have difficulty choosing between Mascarello, Rinaldi and Canonica (imagine that), you can have all three here. Go here for lunch early so you have time to get...

  3. Phone: +39 187 817278

    Address: Via Roma, 62, Monterosso al Mare

    Wine bar and restaurant Enoteca Internazionale in Monterosso may not have the most exciting name, but the selection of wines compensates that more than fantastically. Not only do they have a wide variety of mostly organic local producers, very decently priced, there is also a wide selection from the rest of Italy. Some of which are well known like Emidio Pepe for example, others are newly discovered names in various regions of the country. Focus is on organic and a bit of natural, but there is something to be found for everyone. Food is pure, fresh and honest and besides lunch, snacks and di...

  4. Phone: +39 187 802525

    Address: Via Fegina, 90, Monterosso al Mare

    A bit pretentious, but in the hands of a very good and friendly sommelier, is beach restaurant Cantina di Miky. After having worked abroad for a while, the sommelier returned to her hometown and has made a wonderful list of great wines from all over Italy. Of course there are great local wines, but you can find both the natural La Stoppa here as well as more conventional Illy’s Podere Di Ripi and other famous wines. Prices are very decent for international standards, though slightly more elevated than in rural Italy. That is not surprising however, considering it’s on the seaside in a very to...

  5. Phone: +39 173 509341

    Address: Frazione Annunziata, 9, La Morra

    Osteria Veglio, just a few minutes drive from the heart of La Morra, offers a wonderful terrace with a wide view over the vineyards, extremely friendly service, wonderful food (sweetbread to die for) and a finger-licking wine list makes this place a must-visit for any wine lover. It is to no surprise that many tourists have discovered the place, though there is a good mix of locals and you will probably spot one or two winemakers during your visit here. If you have never tried wines from Accomasso who lives just up the road, this is the place to go for more than decent prices. Make sure to b...

  6. Phone: +39 173 509239

    Address: Via San Martino, 2, La Morra

    Downtown La Morra is filled with nice wine places. One of the most pure ones is organic Le Vigne Bio opposite the church. Don’t forget to pass by the enoteca Enoteca Comunale di La Morra next to the church while you’re here to buy some local goodies from famous and lesser known La Morra producers.

  7. Phone: +39 173 500395

    Address: Via XX Settembre, 18, La Morra

    More e Macine in La Morra is an authentic all-day wine place that you really have to book in advance. Nervi or Serafino by the glass? This is the place you go to. Make sure to not come on the busy times as service can be overwhelmed by the numerous guests, but get yourself a selection of their amazing cheeses (also for take away, better than many a cheese shop!) and a glass or bottle from their wonderfully sourced list. Whether inside or outside, you will have a great experience. When you do decide to check in for lunch or dinner, make sure to get the lesser-known parts of the animal on your...

  8. Phone: +39 11 440 7490

    Address: Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 13, Torino

    The restaurant chain called Signorvino saved my first night in Torino when everything was closed and we couldn’t find anything decent, but then passed this place which has somehow a luxurious McDonald's vibe, but at the same time it’s true-to-type unpretentious and welcoming. Food is simple, sort of fresh fast food, just go for some ham and cheese and simple things. The wines are elaborate; they have a huge store attached to the restaurant and you don’t pay corkage when you buy it there. The selection of wine is extensive, mostly decent though larger producers, but also a few bottles of more...