La Grenouillère


La Madeleine-sous-Montreuil, France

About La Grenouillère

La Grenouillère is temporarily closed.

Even if the wine was terrible, La Grenouillère would be a must-visit restaurant for foodies. However, Star Wine List obviously is wine-centered and La Grenouillère more than deserves a place on the wino’s go-to list as well. Located a few kilometres from France’s Normandy coast (côte d’Opale to be exact), this is a tiny piece of paradise. A lovely old farmhouse with a beautiful garden and a renovated shed where the guests are welcomed according to the best standards. That Michelin decided to award two stars and a green one is obvious. Let’s not forget about San Pellegrino's 50 Best...

Produce is sourced locally and well thought-through. Did we mention it’s a generational thing? All ingredients are here to make a fantastic restaurant and so Alexandre Gauthier did. But like I said, Star Wine List is about wine and so here it is: The wine is great. Decent prices at this gastronomic level, best quality stemware already on the table as guests walk in, a lovely list with only French wines, but from all corners of the country. From the obvious famous names in Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy to the most obscure selections in the unknown south. The selection by the glass is also well thought about.

On our visit, we were served an elegant white wine from the Languedoc and a delicate red from Marmande. When was the last time you got that in a restaurant? Oh, and let’s not forget the cocktails, at the same level as the cooking. We chose the house cocktail with Chartreuse, something that must appeal to any wine lover. If this recommendation sounds a little chaotic, it’s only because of the enthusiasm we have for the restaurant and its wine. Service, selection, choice, it’s all there. Enjoy.

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