Admiralgade 26


Copenhagen, Denmark

Admiralgade 26 Wine List

About Admiralgade 26

Admiralgade 26 is a restaurant by Christian Nedergaard and Sebastian Nellemann, who also run an amazing wine bar in Copenhagen – Ved Stranden 10. In fact, the two places are located just around the corner from each other. At Admiralgade 26, the wine is accompanied by a cuisine that is low-key but with an edge.

About the Admiralgade 26 Wine List

The wine list has the same focus as Ved Stranden 10, within the world of biodynamic and natural wines.

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  • A wine list with a very original layout and structure, making you very curious, what will follow next. A compact but very thoughtful selection of hand-crafted wines, including many top names of the wine world! Older vintages, large formats and a fine selection of sweet wines, fortified wines and also fine spirits, said jury member Raimonds Tomsons, reigning ASI Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa about Admiralgade 26 when they won the gold star in the category Short list 2020.

  • Admiralgade 26 has a clarity in its approach to wine that doesn't come off as dogmatic and manages to present a list that is focused and beautiful, and most importantly full of delicious wine, said jury member Arvid Rosengren, the world's best sommelier 2016, when Admiralgade 26 won the Special Jury Prize 2020

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