19 great Copenhagen wine bars - the guide 2024

Copenhagen has it all for wine lovers - from the avant-gardists of natural wine to the most classic of Bordeaux vintage selections. And the wine bars include some of our favourites in the entire world. Join us with this guide to great wine bars in Copenhagen. Cheers!

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  1. Phone: +45 25 97 46 00

    Address: Wildersgade 52, København

    This is a comfortably small restaurant and wine bar with a few seatings outside. The menu is ever-changing with one hot course of the day, a bunch of starters, cheese and charcuterie of great quality. There is no printed wine list, so you have to talk to the sommelier and find the wine that suits your taste. You will find interesting wines from small producers at a reasonable price. The focus is on clean natural, organic, and biodynamic wines made within Europe without any restrictions on country or area.

  2. Phone: +45 30 58 98 34

    Address: Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 17, København

    Melo wine bar is a two-story wine bar with a cosy atmosphere in the centre of Copenhagen. You can enjoy a glass of wine and some homemade snacks at the high counters or have a table service. The place is run by the two owners Nathan and Amy, and they give a feeling of ”hygge” with their warm service and great hospitality. The price point is very reasonable. The wine list has a large focus on by-the-glass. You can ask for recommendations or a specific style that you enjoy and will be presented with different options to try before choosing. The wines are from all around the world with a slight...

  3. Phone: +45 71 87 09 60

    Address: Lavendelstræde 13, st, København

    Are you looking for something new? Then this place could be something for you! As the name suggests the wines are not what you find at a ”normal” wine bar, there won't be many Sancerre, Bordeaux or Barolo. What you will find is interesting wines from ”forgotten” or new wine-producing areas of the world and great tasty bar snacks to match the wines. The wine service consists of a lot of tasting until you find what you are looking for. The sommeliers are happy to serve different wines for you to try, because since we don't all have the same preferences – they want to be sure to find yours. Ther...

  4. Address: Gammel Kongevej 107, Frederiksberg

    Botti is a small wine bar and bottle shop with a focus on the returnees and locals with 20 seats available and no online booking – it's on a first come first serve basis. But if you ask anyway there might be a reservation possible. Bar snacks of high quality are served as well. There is no regular wine list, but a ”wall of wine” with the possibilities both for ”to-go” and enjoying a glass or a bottle in the wine bar. There is a clear focus on Italian wine with Piedmonte as the forerunner. Bo, the owner, is an experienced sommelier and used to be the sommelier and restaurant manager at Amass,...

  5. Phone: +45 31141209

    Address: Lille Kongensgade 6, København

    This small, cosy wine bar invites you to sit at the bar, although there are also two small tables. The BTG wine list is focused largely on wines from Mediterranean countries, with Italian wine the main player - not surprising, given the owners and sommeliers are Italian and like to serve interesting wine from “back home”. There’s a great, laid-back atmosphere, helped by the mellow background music. The wine list is divided into differing wine styles, such as "light and fresh" or "light and juicy", while the different regions and countries are mixed side by side. As well as Italian wines, aroun...

  6. Phone: +45 3135 3851

    Address: Oehlenschlægersgade 12 st th, København V

    Best Short List of the Year Denmark 2023

    Ancestrale is a natural wine bar and neighborhood restaurant in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen. The name refers to the méthode ancestrale of making naturally sparkling wine, but of course, you get every type of wine here. The menu is simple, and so is the cooking style. You can choose from the à la carte list or the full five-course meal at a generous price.

  7. Phone: 33 12 58 03

    Address: Skindergade 3, København K

    By the Glass List of the Year Denmark 2023

    Bar’Vin is the name of this wonderful wine bar in Copenhagen, the name a play of words (Bar’ = ‘Just’ or a Bar / Vin= Wine). As the name and decor reveal, wine occupies the place of honour. There is a wine list with a large selection by the glass and bottle, predominantly biodynamic, but also with organic and conventional wines. Most of them come from small wine farmers who are specialists in their field. Bar’Vin is always able to serve you a glass of one of the approximately 20 wines that are open at all times. They renew the selection regularly according to the season, weather conditions an...

  8. Phone: +45 33 33 07 74

    Address: Nansensgade 45, København K

    Bibendum was one of the first wine bars in Copenhagen and is still going strong with a large selection of wines by the bottle and by the glass. It is located at Nansensgade 45, a small street with a vibrant life, with a short distance to the lakes and Torvehallerne. It is a down to earth wine bar with a small food menu and charcuterie.

  9. Phone: 72 14 82 28

    Address: Havnegade 53A, København K

    If you like your wines to be more on the natural side, and you should at least try it when you're in Copenhagen, this is your place. Den Vandrette Vinbar mostly serves wines is from its own import, of the well-known natural wine import firm Rosforth & Rosforth. The wine selection shares a lot of values with Noma, which is not a surprise as Pontus Elofsson of Rosforth & Rosforth literally wrote the book on natural wines when he was the sommelier at Noma. Besides Den Vandrette's wine list you will have access to their wine cellar, where you can go and pick up a wine you would like to drink. In...

  10. Phone: 35 13 11 34

    Address: Martensens Alle 16, Frederiksberg C

    Restaurant Mêlée is an intimate restaurant and wine bar located on a small side street in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The atmosphere is relaxed and the cuisine is focused on simplicity, with French inspiration.

  11. Phone: 60 10 11 09

    Address: Store Strandstræde 18, København K

    Just off Nyhavn in Copenhagen, this wine bar offers Italian wines by the glass from smaller Italian vineyards. Focusing on Italian wine – primarily from the Piedmont region as you might guess – Nebbiolo Winebar’s concept is straightforward: Great Italian wines by the glass in an elegant and relaxed setting. Nebbiolo serves their wines with a small selection of tasty antipasti. There is no wine list.

  12. Phone: +45 61 26 32 00

    Address: Nansensgade 30, København K

    German Wine List of the Year Denmark, presented by Wines of Germany 2022

    Nr.30 is a restaurant and wine bar in Copenhagen and they won silver in the category Special Jury Prize in Star Wine List of the Year Denmark 2021. In 2020, they won silver in the category Low Intervention / Natural Wine List Of The Year in Denmark.

  13. Phone: 39 69 55 57

    Address: Slagterboderne 1, København V

    Paté Paté is the oldest restaurant in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen. The people behind Paté Paté run wine bars in other parts of the city, but this restaurant is located in a former paté factory (as the name might give away). Paté Paté presents itself as a wine bar, eatery, and tapas bar all at once. The food is inspired by Spain, France, the Middle East and Morocco. The wine list is large and instructive with lots of information on different grape varieties. It also has wines ranging from Beaujolais to heavy Californians. There is always at least 30 different wines by the glass.

  14. Address: Møllegade 3, København N

    Located in a small basement shop in the trendy Nørrebro area, Pompette always delivers a great ambience and wines for very reasonable prices, with a focus on natural wine. You are invited into the small wine cellar by the knowledgable staff, so that you can pick the wine you want to drink, either at Pompette or at home, since they are also working as a wine shop. If you get hungry, there is a selection of small tapas dishes to eat with your wine.

  15. Phone: 33 14 94 98

    Address: Gammel Mønt 14, København K

    Centrally located in Copenhagen, R Vinbar is a great place with a top selection of wine by the glass. The bar offers more than 35 wines by the glass and changes the wines constantly. Apart from the wines by the glass, the wine list holds hundreds of wines, should you be in the mood for a whole bottle, and why wouldn't you.

  16. Phone: +45 21 32 00 19

    Address: Fensmarkgade 27, København N

    Sabotøren is a tiny corner wine bar and shop off the beaten track in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, serving organic wines from the southern regions of France. If you’re hungry, you can order a platter of cheese or charcuterie, homemade bread with vegan dip, olives, tomatoes and various kinds of snacks.

  17. Phone: +45 36 90 60 40

    Address: Jægersborggade 52, København N

    By the Glass List of the Year Denmark 2022

    Terroiristen is a small wine bar with its own import of wine. Apart from the wines, you will find charcuterie servings and a cold and a hot dish. Terroiristen is located on the famous gourmet street Jægersborggade in Copenhagen.

  18. Phone: 35 42 40 40

    Address: Ved Stranden 10, København K

    This beautifully designed Copenhagen wine bar is located by the harbor and serves mostly natural and biodynamic wines. Every Wednesday you can immerse yourself in the precious grapes when Ved Stranden 10 opens its doors for an informal wine tasting which includes four to six wines. For an extra treat, check out their “Monday food” event, where a dish is served by guest chefs. In summer, the outdoor terrace by the canal is lovely.

  19. Address: Svendsgade 1, København V

    By the Glass List of the Year Denmark 2020

    This stylish wine bar was opened in 2009 by Martin Nygaard. Vinbaren Vesterbros Torv, located in Vesterbro Square in Copenhagen, has a wide selection of wine and with more than 50 wines by the glass - Vinbaren Vesterbro Torv should have a glass for you.