London listings given a boost with 15 new Red Star venues

161 Food and Drink, an organic and natural wine shop and bar in Sydenham is just one of 15 new entries to our London listings
Helen Arnold
By Helen Arnold
Published 09-November-2023
News / London

Star Wine List has just added 15 new Red Star venues to its London listings, boosting the number of its recommended restaurants and bars in the UK capital to 95.

While there are plenty of other guides to the city's vast and ever-evolving number of eateries, if you're interested in great wine as well as good food, then the Star Wine List guarantees that any Red Star recommendations will not only serve up some divine dishes, but that the wine lists will be carefully curated and considered, and certainly more than a mere afterthought.

Star Wine List’s London ambassador and general wine guru Ruth Spivey has been tirelessly pounding London's pavements, tracking down the very best hospitality the city has to offer, and personally visiting every venue to mull over the menus and peruse the wine lists before granting them her sought-after seal of approval. Therefore you can rest assured that every listing will deliver a superlative culinary - and vineous - experience.

So whether you're looking for a small, intimate place for a romantic dinner or just somewhere to kick back with friends over a relaxed glass of wine and some nibbles, here is something to please most people - and budgets - as they say, if you're tired of London you're tired of life!

Here are the latest additions to our London listings:

Bistro Freddie
64 Goodge St
161 Food + Drink, Sydenham
Peckham Cellars
Little Cellars
Brunswick House
LPM London
Cambio de Tercio
The Bull & Last
Anchor & Hope
Canton Arms

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