Life outside London - new Red Star listings outside the capital

Hjem's Swedish chef /patron serves up the best of Northumberland with a Scandi twist
Helen Arnold
By Helen Arnold
Published 16-November-2023
News / UK

Judging from the London-centric media, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was no life outside the capital. But it’s certainly a complete myth that the culinary and vineous world starts and ends at the M25 – with no civilisation north of the Waford Gap. In reality, despite the cost of living crisis which is seeing UK consumers strapped for cash and tightening their belts like never before, the country's foodie scene is positively thriving, with a plethora of fantastic new bars and restaurants seemingly opening up on a daily basis.

Our roving UK ambassador Ruth Spivey has been hard at work this week, sniffing out some great new discoveries, some more off the beaten path than others, but all are places where you’re guaranteed to find a great wine list and excellent food, be that simple bar nibbles or a full blown four-course feast, complete with all the accoutrements.

From the Scandi-inspired minimalist Hjem restaurant near Hadrian’s Wall which offers an updated version of Northumberland's produce, to sweet and simple Kork Wine Bar and Deli in the seaside town of Whitely Bay where you can enjoy a light snack washed down with a glass of crémant, here are some of our great new Red Star recommendations to be found outside London.

And be sure to look out for our forthcoming guide for the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

New English Red Star venues outside London

Hjem, Hexham
Kork Wine And Deli, Whitley Bay
The Black Swan, York
Roots York, York
The Raby Hunt, Darlington
Allium at Askham Hall, Cumbria
The Black Bull, Sedbergh
L’Enclume, Cartmel
Climat, Manchester
Isca, Manchester
Covino, Chester
Higher Ground, Manchester
Lake Road Kitchen, Ambleside
Pentonbridge Inn, Carlisle

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