Luigi Bosca supported UK event – presenting Best Medium-Sized List to Etch

Helen Arnold
By Helen Arnold
Published 07-March-2024
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Top Argentinean premium wine producer Luigi Bosca joined forces with Star Wine List to support the UK leg of the Star Wine List wine list awards. The competition which was held in London on March 4, and was co-hosted by The Buyer. Luigi Bosca presented the Best Medium-Sized List category to Brighton-based Etch, recognizing the restaurant for the best list with between 200 – 600 references.

Firmly established in Mendoza’s long winemaking tradition, Luigi Bosca is a leading winery owned by the Arizu family, which has been producing premium wines with passion and flair for generations.

Like many Argentineans, the family can trace its heritage back to Europe, to the Spanish Basque country where they had been making wine since the 18th century. But in 1890 Leonica Arizu set sail for Argentina, where he wasted no time in planting vineyards with indigenous European grapes, setting up the Luigi Bosca winery soon afterwards. Fast forward over 120 years, and the winery is now headed up by third and fourth generations Arizus.

Alberto Arizu (Jr), Alberto Arizo and head winemaker Pablo Cuneo.

So why did Luigi Bosca want to get involved with the Star Wine List UK awards? Global brand manager Marcela Flores believes that as winemakers, it is vital to support both sommeliers and gastronomy.

“Sommeliers are key for the wine industry as they serve as ambassadors, bridging the gap between producers and consumers while elevating the enjoyment and appreciation of wine. Their expertise, professionalism, and passion make them valuable assets in the dynamic and multifaceted world of wine," she said.

But this is nothing new, with Flores adding that Luigi Bosca as a company has always been an enthusiastic advocate for sommeliers. “Gastronomy serves as a valuable platform for promoting and showcasing premium wines, cultivating wine appreciation, and shaping consumer preferences within the wine industry,” she continues. “The synergy between dining and premium wine enhances the overall dining experience, fosters innovation, and contributes to the growth and success of both industries.

And as part of that support for the hospitality sector Luigi Bosca was keen throw its weight behind the Star Wine List Awards. “We are honoured to be part of Star Wine List event with Luigi Bosca, as it is a reference for wine and food lovers around the world. It is very important to be a part of it, among the very best wines which are appreciated by this important community.”

And it’s no secret that the UK dining and drinking scene is one of the most vibrant and happening globally, something that Flores readily concedes. “We consider the UK dining scene as one of the best in the world,” she confirms. “It holds its own, particularly in terms of diversity, innovation, and quality. The UK's dining scene continues to evolve and impress, attracting food lovers from around the globe, reflecting its rich cultural heritage, diverse population, and dynamic food culture.”

Finca El Paraiso.

As to what makes a great wine list, Flores is unequivocal. “It’s one that allows consumers to elevate the entire dining experience and enable them to upgrade their experience through the wines,” she says.

Luigi Bosca currently exports around 40% of its total production to over 60 different destinations, with the most important being the US, the UK and Brazil - and this proportion is increasing. However, despite the strength of its overseas business, which has seen particularly good growth in Eastern Europe over the past couple of years, as well as a resurgence from Asia after the pandemic, it also has a lively domestic market, with its very own exciting dining scene.

“Mendoza is renowned for its vibrant food scene, which reflects the region's rich culinary heritage and diverse gastronomic influences,” claims Flores. “Some key trends to consider, with Mendoza being an important wine producing region, are the wine and gastronomy pairing and the locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the region's abundance of produce, including fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, with a focus on sustainability and supporting local producers”

Luigi Bosca's vision is to continue their legacy of making handcrafted wines in balance with their environment

But what makes Luigi Bosca’s wines stand out from the competition? “Over 120 years of consistent transfer of expert knowledge through generations and their commitment to excellence and sustainability have become the family hallmark,” says export director EMEA José Masot. “Luigi Bosca's vision is to continue their legacy of making handcrafted wines in balance with their environment.”

Flores adds that Mendoza’s continental climate, unlike most other wine growing regions in the world which are modulated by oceans, along with its mineral-rich alluvial soils provide the wines with particular strength and vigour. Another strength of the region, she claims, is the altitude, enabling the winemaker to choose the perfect location for each grape variety. “We can cultivate in warmer or cooler areas to obtain the best from them – the altitude is the only way of compensating the latitude, as Argentina has a wine growing region going from Jujuy (20° South Latitude) to Patagonia (45° South Latitude).

Luigi Bosca

• Luigi Bosca owns seven vineyards in Mendoza province covering an area of more than 700 hectares, and producing 10 million bottles a year, shipping to over 60 countries globally.
• Its best-selling wine is the Luigi Bosca Malbec, which is the number one Argentine super premium Malbec, with 112 vintages to date.
• It also produces Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Franc amongst others.

The UK is one of Luigi Bosca’s most important overseas destination, as it’s the biggest market for Argentinean wines in Europe, points out Masot. “Moreover, it´s strong and knowledgeable on-trade has the taste to appreciate Luigi Bosca wines. Other than some other big markets where it’s all about price, in the UK there is an on-trade that puts value to quality, origin and exclusivity that allows high quality brands like Luigi Bosca to find routes to market to reach those who appreciate us. We work with Bancroft wines as our general importer and most of our final customers are restaurants, hotels and wholesalers all over the UK.”

Luigi Bosca continues to be a reference for Argentine wines

While the UK is a key market, it certainly presents its own particular challenges. “Among the most important is the high taxation, expensive distribution chain and a slight decline in wine consumption,” explains Masot. “But on the other hand, the UK has perhaps the best prepared gate keepers’ category (sommeliers, category managers, sales assistants, etc.) to give consumers in the on-trade and increasingly in the off trade, help to make the best choice.”

As to the future, as one of Argentina’s most renowned wine producers, Luigi Bosca is committed to producing quality wines in a sustainable fashion for many more years to come. “Luigi Bosca continues to be a reference for Argentine wines, and our plan is to continue to grow in the world and to be recognized as the Argentine winery of reference at an international level, an ambassador of the uniqueness and elegance of Mendoza's wines. We want to become Argentina´s reference within the premium and super premium categories.”

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Luigi Bosca

Luigi Bosca is a wine producer in Mendoza with over 120 years of history.


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