Marie Pâris

Montreal Ambassador

Photo: Thibault Carron

French journalist Marie Pâris, Star Wine List’s Montreal ambassador and French language editor, was brought into the world of wine at an early age: She had her first champagne tasting when she was only a few months old – at her christening celebration, an old French tradition.

Marie ended up a journalist specialised in food and wine, spending her time visiting restaurants and bars. She started writing about gastronomy eight years ago when she lived in Paris and worked for Grand Seigneur magazine.

Six years ago Marie moved to Montreal, and now she manages the Restos / Bars section at magazine Voir. She also is the editor of Guide Restos Voir, which review about 500 addresses in Quebec.

As Star Wine List’s Montreal ambassador she’s looking forward to making people in Quebec and abroad discover more about the region’s amazing wine places and wine personalities. And, of course, drink a lot of good wines.

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