5 wine places in Montreal to end an evening out

Whether you feel like a glass after a show, you're a night owl or you dine at a European hour - here are our suggestions for wine bars and restaurants to finish a night in style.

  1. Phone: (514) 845-5333

    Address: 3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

    A no brainer: It's open every night until 3 AM. We go to eat a late bite and listen to the artists debrief after the shows. Not only that, it's close to the clubs and bars at the Plateau if you feel like dancing.

  2. Phone: (514) 750-6577

    Address: 4869 Avenue du Parc, Montréal

    Here, the night is always young. Around midnight, it's the perfect place to meet people or just to have a glass of wine with a cheese platter. With its great value, it's also a good place to go without breaking the bank.

  3. Phone: +1 (514) 521-4051

    Address: 4051 Rue Molson local 120, Montréal

    Chef Marc-André Jetté opened this chic wine bar at the beginning of 2023 in the Shop Angus, a few meters away from his fine dining Hoogan et Beaufort. The chef is in the restaurant’s kitchen most of the time, so his partner and wife Mila Rishkova takes care of Annette. The menu bears Jetté’s signature - very local and seasonal -, but in a snacking style and with dishes to share. This place, one of the few in the neighborhood where you can have a drink, attracts young professionals coming from the surrounding offices and is quickly full when happy hour time comes. You can sit at the bar and wat...

  4. Phone: (514) 303-3822

    Address: 1234 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal

    Rouge-Gorge is usually crowded and a bit noisy, but always joyful. In the summertime, the large windows are often open, which makes you feel as if you were seated outside. The food menu is short but tasty, with mostly tapas-style plates and cheese or charcuterie assortments to go with the wines. The best place to be seated is by the bar where you can chat with the sommeliers.

  5. Address: 1290 Rue Beaubien Est, Montréal

    This trendy newcomer sells wine from vineyards that are usually harder to find in other places. The wine list is short but dynamic, and among the numerous Austrian and German bottles you'll find some great Quebec wines, all put forward and available by the glass.