How we judge Star Wine List of the Year

From top left clockwise, Arvid Rosengren, Marc Almert, Pascaline Lepeltier, Raimonds Tomsons - recurring jury members.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 21-December-2021

We started Star Wine List of the Year to celebrate great wine lists and the teams behind them. But how do we judge them and how does the whole thing work? Here Krister Bengtsson, Star Wine List's founder, explains.

Star Wine List of the Year is our wine list celebration and competition. Just like Star Wine List it started in Sweden. Back in 2018 we joined forces with the Swedish Sommelier Association to create a wine day together. The association celebrated Best Sommelier of Sweden and we held our first Star Wine List of the Year to highlight top wine lists and the teams behind them. It was a great day and we have built on it ever since.

We are just now on our International tour 2021-2022 tour, which started in Finland in September 2021. The previous tour visited 10 markets and concluded with an international final in May 2021. The final for 2022 will be held in June 2022.

We understand the ongoing difficulties in several countries but have decided to push on, to raise a glass to the teams and look forward when we can meet again again. Judging by the response from many sommeliers, at least we have contributed with some good news in a dark time. That is what we hope for!

Here is how it works:


All wine bars and restaurants are welcome to submit their wine list, free of charge. Check out each country event to see how you enter.
(Please note the local admission variations in the event posts for each local event.)

Krister Bengtsson.


We have a set of international categories that we repeat in each location, please check out the recent articles to see which ones they are.

In addition to this, we add local categories where we have local partners/sponsors. In the UK this is Best California list. (We welcome new partners both internationally and locally, so if your country, region or brand wants to join the conversation and build relationships - please contact us at )


The jury is an international panel of judges with top sommeliers such as Pascaline Lepeltier, Paz Levinson, Marc Almert and Arvid Rosengren. We often add a local judge, such as Ruth Spivey (UK) and Edwin Raben (NL) in the past. The international jury is expanding with more judges.


The jury is asked to each independently rate their favorite wine lists in each category, while considering width, depth, originality and value. The combined scores give an average which is then used to decide finalists and winners. After having submitted the scores individually, the jury has a conference call to discuss the lists and arrive at a final decision. No external partner, sponsor or person has any influence on the jury decision.

Instagram post by Isa Bal MS at Trivet, winner in the UK 2021.

Besides the honour and bragging rights, the winners of the categories get a Gold Star Certificate to post in their venue, as well as digital badges and mentions on Star Wine List. For certain categories there are other prizes as well - that is decided per category and event, and announced during the events.


The wine list submitted to the event must be a real wine list that is accessible at the venue or on the website of the restaurant/bar - or on Star Wine List. Specially made wine lists for the event are not allowed (for example if the venue has stock that is hidden from the regular wine list). Popup venues are currently not allowed, nor is private wine clubs. We reserve the right to verify contents of the wine list either live or through video call and the right to refuse any entries.


When a judge has some kind of influence over a list - the judge will not rate the list (if it's part of their group of restaurants etc).

Winning team at PM & Vänner from our first Star Wine List of the Year in Sweden 2018.

Alright, on to a few questions we get every now and then:


Our revenue comes from the partners/sponsors of the competition. There is currently no fee for restaurants or bars to participate in Star Wine List of the Year. (And there is no fee to be listed on the guide Star Wine List either).


Either the wine list was not submitted ahead of the deadline, or it failed to get the jury votes to reach the final.


Star Wine List is all about going out to restaurants and wine bars, so that is what we select for Star Wine List of the Year too.

Thank you for joining us on the journey, please sign up to the newsletter below to stay up to date!

Cheers Krister Bengtsson, founder Star Wine List


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