Matthew Landry is Star Wine List's new ambassador for Ontario/Toronto

Matthew Landry.
Andreas Grube
Published 17-April-2024
News / Toronto

Sommelier and wine consultant Matthew has been a part of Star Wine List as ambassador for Vancouver, Canada. Now he takes on the role as ambassador for Ontario/Toronto.

"It feels great. There’s so much talent and ambition here, I feel privileged to get to spread the good word," he says about his new role.

Matthew Landry grew up in the Niagara region of Canada, where he also began his career in the wine and restaurant business at age 17. He is a sommelier, educator and importer, and in 2019 he won the prestigious Best Sommelier of British Columbia award.

He is also the founder of a consulting company called Tannin Management.

(Photo: Association de la Sommellerie Internationale)

How would you describe the dining and drinking scene in Ontario/Toronto at the moment?
"I think COVID sped up the maturation of culinary projects outside of Toronto, as seasoned veterans vacated the downtown core. You can see much more interesting lists outside of the city now."

How much has changed in recent years and what have been the biggest changes?
"I think the arrival of Michelin a few years ago really pushed the city to step up its game and offer more exciting options. I see less silo’d lists - only natty wine, for instance, or just baller Burgundy and Champagne - and they’re displaying a lot more thoughtfulness and openness to different styles of beverages (sake, fortified, etc)."

What are the emerging drinking trends you are seeing?
"Pet Nat seems to have gone away (and not soon enough!) and we’re all drinking terribly expensive Champagne again, the way God intended. I also think our Ontario wines have never been better and somms are reassessing their usefulness in restaurant settings. I don’t think there’s been a better time to be a wine drinker in Ontario.   

The new additions by Matthew Landry:

Pearl Morissette, Niagara
Danico, Toronto
Elora Mill, Elora
Louie Louix, Toronto
Theia, Toronto
Reign, Toronto
Royal Hotel, Toronto

And updated descriptions on these venues:
Archive, Toronto
Adega Wine Bar , Toronto

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