Marie Pâris: "New bars and restaurants are still opening in Montreal"

Marie Pâris, Star Wine List's ambassador in Montreal.
Andreas Grube
Published 14-March-2024
Interview / Montreal

Star Wine List's ambassador in Montreal, Marie Pâris, has just added three new Red Stars to the guide to the city's best wine bars and wine restaurants. We caught up with her to ask a few quick questions about what is happening on the Montreal wine scene.

"New bars and restaurants are still opening in Montreal! The Montreal scene is battling with inflation, manpower shortage and people spending less on restaurants, but new places with interesting wine lists keep popping up every now and then. Especially fancy restaurants," says Marie.

What are the most exciting developments recently?
"There are more and more wine agencies on the market, importing from all over the world. We see a larger choice of references on wine lists. With the manpower shortage, also a consequence of the pandemic, more restaurant owners do their wine list themselves. If it sometimes lacks the eye of a professional sommelier, it brings a more personal touch to those lists."

What styles/regions etc are most in demand at the moment?
"The frenzy about maceration wines is declining, and customers are coming back to more traditional wines and well established references. Also local wines are still very in demand."

What are the new Red Stars adding to the scene?
"More casual places with great wine lists. When you just want to nibble on some snacks but still have a good glass of wine with it..."

Anything you want to add?
"Local sommeliers want a Star Wine List of the Year event in Quebec!"

Here are the three new Red Stars in Montreal:
Annette bar à vin
Restaurant Cadet
Bar Mamie

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