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Restaurant, Winery

Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Australia

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A multi-awarded wine program, from Star Wine List itself with the Grand Prix for the Best winelist of Australia 2021 as well as Australia’s Winelist of the Year Awards for Best winelist of Australia 2021, Ten Minutes is more than a great fine dining restaurant on the eastern coast of Melbourne. It is also a winery in the Mornington Peninsula that makes mostly world-class Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

But for a restaurant in a winery, you would be extremely pleased to know that the list welcomes an incredible diversity of producers and regions beyond their own wines. Yes, the wine program does celebrate these two varieties with an impressive list of Australian and Burgundian producers, but what it does as well is celebrate iconic wines by making them available by the glass as a general rule, giving a chance for these wines to not only be picked for a special occasion but making an occasion special by accessing these icons by the glass.

The bottle list is the fabric that allows the sommelier to play in great creativity with his wines by the glass.

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  • A warm and friendly introduction. Excellent by the glass list. Well chosen selection of local and imported wines. I really like the pictures and explanations behind some of the producers. Brings the story to life. A thoroughly comprehensive list offering a wide range of both locally produced wines from the Mornington Peninsula and Australia, as well as iconic back-vintage selections from Australia and the world. A well-thought out and diverse selection offering pure enjoyment and adventure by the glass. This is an exceptional list making 10 Minutes by Tractor a must-visit destination for any wine-lover, says jury member Andrea Pritzker MW about Ten Minutes by Tractor winning the Grand Prix and the By the Glass List category in Star Wine List Awards Australia 2021

    Andrea Pritzker
    Andrea Pritzker
  • When Ten Minutes by Tractor won Grand Prix in Star Wine List Awards Australia 2021, Arvid says: To win this category, you, of course, have to have width and depth. The selection here is excellent, but what really made them stand out is that they are a producer restaurant and still have such a vast selection. Secondly, there's a real sense of warmth and welcoming in this list that comes through the page. That is great to see in this category.

  • I really admire the wineries that not only propose their own wines but also a breadth of wines from other producers, which is quite rare to find. A restaurant from a winery with such a well curated list, from the selection of producers to the style, and the introductory texts. For the wines by the glass there is diversity, with classics, new styles and the iconic producers from famous appellations, says the jury's Paz Levinson when Ten Minutes by Tractor won Best By the Glass List 2022.

  • Anyone entering this venue will be delighted by the offering by the glass, as it allows delving deep into different wine styles from around the world. Each choice, whether local or from further afield, is chosen carefully, so it would be a real struggle to choose what not to drink! said jury member Heidi Mäkinen about the gold for Best By the Glass List 2024.

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