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Kontrast is located in the culinary area of Vulkan which used to be an industrial area by the Akerselva river. The Michelin starred restaurant offers the best produce of the season in both tasting menus and a la carte with beautiful presentations. If you choose one of the wine pairing menus you might be surprised by the modern touch to it, but Kontrast’s wine list is also worth a serious study before you dig in.

Linn Johnsen
By Linn Johnsen

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  • A ’sustainable wine list’ refers to a list featuring wines produced with sustainability in mind. This encompasses several aspects, such as wines produced using methods that reduce the carbon footprint, limit the use of chemicals, and protect the local ecosystem. Equally important is sourcing from wine producers who consider their workers' welfare, providing fair wages and working conditions. Kontrast has, through the efforts of several skilled sommeliers, managed to source sustainable wines free from flaws, says jury member Rune Rake about the gold in Sustainable Wine List 2023.

    Rune Rake
    Rune Rake

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  • 1 Michelin Star 1 Michelin Star

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    Thomas Venuto
    Head Sommelier

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