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Happolati Wine List

About Happolati

Happolati is a modern restaurant with a fun Asian inspired menu based on seasonal produce. The dining room feels light and open, and the elegant furniture balances the art of being trendy, yet comfortable and warm.

Linn Johnsen
By Linn Johnsen

About the Happolati Wine List

Happolati offers a varied wine list with emphasis on classical areas like Germany, Austria, France and the US. For a few producers and geographical areas, Happolati’s wine list goes into great depth, while also showing a playful interest in other areas.

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  • Austrian wines
  • French wines
  • German wines
  • US wines

More recommendations

  • Happolati (what a lovely name for a restaurant by the way) presents an expansive but wonderfully quirky and evocative wine list full of gems. While there are several restaurants with fantastic lists where you can drink amazing Austrian wines, Happolati in my eyes presents a level of depth that is hard to beat. Bravo! said jury member Arvid Rosengren, ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2016 when Happolati won Gold for Best Austrian Wine List 2020.

  • A well designed list including a good balance of classic and new wave producers from Austria, notably showcasing several mature wines; even for sweet and red wines!

  • A remarkable list, focused on few but benchmarks producers, giving the wine lover the chance to deep dive in vintages without breaking the bank.

  • What Happolati does extremely well is to look broadly, both in a geographical sense but also in terms of philosophy within the producers, ending up with a list with really delicious wines with all the great stuff that Austria offers, said Arvid about Happolati winning Best Austrian Wine List 2021.

  • One of the most interesting Austrian's lists I've ever seen, full of top producers and back vintages that, in my opinion, makes this wine list unique.

  • Lovely selection of Austrian wines. Starting from several quality sekts through diverse whites from benchmark producers in each historically important region up to some delicious red and sweet wines, says jury member Piotr Pietras about the winning list in Best Austrian Wine List 2023.

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