Gunnar Skoglund's 17 best wine places in Oslo 2024

Wine importer, blogger and writer Gunnar Skoglund is Star Wine List's ambassador in Oslo. Here he has selected his favourite wine bars and wine restaurants in the city – check it out!

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  1. Phone: +47 920 96 763

    Address: Holmens gate 4, Oslo

    By the Glass List of the Year Norway, presented by Zwiesel, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    The wine list at this small and cosy wine bar in the rather touristy area of Aker Brygge is thirty-plus pages deep, making it a proper safe haven for all wine lovers. The owner's love for Californian wines is evident, however, the selection is wide and covers all major areas from the “old world” as well as top-tier names from the “new world” outside the USA. Nice and relaxed vibe, and they open at 13:00 at weekends, making an escape from the shopping centre next door easily achieved. Serving cheese and cold cuts as well. Short but well-curated by the glass list.

  2. Phone: +47 94 06 94 69

    Address: Thorvald Meyers gate 80, Oslo

    Serving delicious meze and carefully selected wines from their one-of-a-kind list of wines from countries fighting the Ottoman Empire back in the 15th century. You don’t see that focus often, assumingly? This means wine from Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon and Syria, in addition to leading names from countries such as Greece, Hungary, Georgia, Italy and more. A good selection of wines by the glass as well. A great hangout for a group of friends, sharing tasty dishes and hearty wines. Located in the vibey area of Grünerløkka.

  3. Phone: +47 22 60 12 00

    Address: Operagata 17, Oslo

    A casual restaurant in Bjørvika that opened its doors in the fall of 2023. It is run by the same team that also runs (the Star Wine List Red Star) Einer. However, where the fine dining restaurant Einer focuses on a nine-course set menu, Madonna is more playful and casual. At Madonna you can go for just one of the dishes from their eclectic menu or, most likely, you will opt for more. The wine list is short, but a masterpiece in how to present interesting one-pagers covering all genres. Kudos! Prices are really agreeable as well.

  4. Address: Thorvald Meyers gate 30, Oslo

    A great new addition (from early 2023) to Oslo’s wine bar scene. It's a small bar serving smaller dishes and (mostly) natural wines along Grünerløkkas main drag, Thorvald Meyers Gate. Perfect also for wine lunches as they are one (of very few) wine-centric places opening already at 11/12, setting Fat City apart from most wine bars in Oslo. Take a seat by the bar or by one of the few tables by the window. It's easily overlooked when passing by, but inside you can dive into their short but well-curated wine list skewed towards “natural” wines – although not too dogmatic on this genre and offer...

  5. Phone: +47 93 47 00 11

    Address: Leirfallsgata 6, Oslo

    Newcomer List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    The wine list in this casual bistro-style restaurant located in vibey Grünerløkka focuses on California and Burgundy (14 pages deep). A great place for Saturday lunches, and their not-to-be-missed bone marrow dish, focusing on the now widely common “sharing concept”. Also a great place for drinking wines in the Oslo summer sun. Booking is advised.

  6. Phone: +47 940 71 882

    Address: Edvard Munchs Plass 1, Oslo

    Great for combining Oslo’s best views imaginable, with a well-curated wine list consisting of some 230 references. It is located on the 12th and 13th floor of the Munch-museum, in Bjørvika just by the fjord. The 12th floor consists of the up-scale Bistro Tolvte, while the 13th floor is a bar with a short by-the-glass list (short but focused that is, no plonk) with only serious wines. Pro-tip: when visiting the bar and terrace on the upper floor, you may also order a bottle from the wine list in the restaurant just down below. Just ask nicely, and they’ll cater for it. Did I mention the view?

  7. Phone: +47 21 40 49 30

    Address: Sommerrogata 1, Oslo

    Newcomer List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    A classic brasserie at the upscale Sommero hotel. The building was recently renovated (2022). Sommero is centrally located, on Oslo’s west end, with a price to match, some might say. Despite being new, Ekspedisjonshallen is already sporting an impressive wine list. Very strong on the premium end, but there are also nice wines to be had across all price points. There’s a house band frequently playing jazzy tunes. Great for weekend brunches, and open for weekday lunches as well. Do note the impressive wall fresco covering one of the walls.

  8. Phone: +47 22 41 42 00

    Address: Dronningens Gate 19, Oslo

    Don’t you just love the idea of indulging in authentic Indian cuisine and washing it down with some lovely Burgundy? And if we told you that the wine list was known for its reasonably priced wines? Well, enter Mantra, this downtown Indian restaurant that has been a well-kept secret among insiders for quite a while already. Well known for their selection of Burgundy at reasonable prices as mentioned, and plenty of back vintages adding to the joy. The wine selection focuses on classic areas (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhône, Piemonte etc.), but there are also some household names from California to b...

  9. Address: Operagata 11, Oslo

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year Norway, presented by Nyetimber, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    A small and cosy wine bar located in the recently developed Bjørvika area. Opens early-ish on Saturdays, hence a good spot for a glass from their extensive and deep wine list of more than 1,000 references. A solid by-the-glass program as well; very educative, and great for the not-so-geeky people looking to broaden their horizons and learn a thing or two. The big list is rather traditionally focused, and very strong on Bordeaux in particular (a rare find these days).

  10. Address: Monrads gate 1, Oslo

    Perfect for daytime wine drinking on Oslo’s east end, located in the Tøyen area and run by the experienced duo Susanne and Sverre - previously of Pjoltergeist-fame. A duo well in the know, running a wine list(s) that is best described as eclectic and open-minded – carefully matching classical wines with the more “alternative” ones. And yes, at Pillefyken you can actually choose from two wine lists. Do note that for the “pre-order list”, wines are not stored on the premises – so they need to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. A great place for lunchtime wine drinking and enjoying lunch...

  11. Phone: +47 23 20 23 23

    Address: Fredensborgveien 44, Oslo

    Established in 2015, but the homely vibe makes guests feel it has been there forever. Located in an area previously not known for either great food or wines, now well worth the short stroll from downtown or Grünerløkka with the Star Wine List Red Star Nektar next door. Cosy and warm atmosphere, and you can expect French bistro fare of high quality, and a well-curated wine list covering all bases of French wine. Particularly strong selection of Bourgogne, with Rhône valley also well covered. A real treat is the fact that Chez Colin is open on Sundays as well.

  12. Phone: +47 466 73 718

    Address: Københavngata 18, Oslo

    Best Short List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    This Michelin-starred neighbourhood joint is on the northern outskirts of vibrant Grünerløkka, serving a well-priced fixed menu. The kitchen leans toward (neo) Nordic fare, with an extreme focus on the purest raw materials imaginable – always perfectly cooked and treated. The wine pairing menu is highly recommended, always spot on and with a purpose. Not stiff at all, Hot Shop has this welcoming, yet stripped-down Nordic aesthetics to it.

  13. Address: Sofies gate 16, Oslo

    A neighbourhood bistro in the Bislet area. French-centric for sure, however with quite a few bottles from other prominent wine-producing countries also present on the impressive and deep wine list with Bourgogne as its core. Lots of German Rieslings are to be found as well. It tends to be hard to score a table if not booked in advance, however, during 2023 Kolonialen will increase its square meters. Casual and welcoming atmosphere, run by Pontus Dahlström (one of the founding partners at Maaemo).

  14. Phone: +47 919 24 446

    Address: Fredensborgveien 42, Oslo

    It's always pumping at the little cottage Nektar, it appears. This small restaurant/wine bar that opened its doors only a few years ago (2019) is already firmly established as an absolute go-to. Reservations are strongly advised if you would like to grab something to eat from their delicious and hearty servings of small sharing plates based on local produce. However, it is also possible to pop by just for a glass of some nice grower Champagne, get your Burgundy fix or simply sip some of the more alternative wines from their large natural wine offering. All this while some solid hip-hop/rap mus...

  15. Phone: +47 923 38 293

    Address: Nordre gate 2, Oslo

    A brasserie located in a historic listed building that has been beautifully restored. A large dining room, light and delicate with brass and leather and a fishbone wooden floor. There is a glamorous vibe to it, with an open kitchen that adds to the cosmopolitan vibe. Nedre Foss has a diverse and well-curated wine list, with references from a wide selection of wine-producing countries – both new and old world. Located in vibrant Grünerløkka, it is a great venue for celebrations, large or small.

  16. Phone: +47 923 38 293

    Address: Nordre gate 2, Oslo

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Norway, presented by Austrian Wine, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    At Radegast you’re surrounded by bottles in this eclectic wine bar, at the Nedre Foss Gård-complex in Grünerløkka. The wine list is among the most diverse in the city, catering for both traditionalists and the new kids on the block looking for low-intervention stuff. If you can’t find something you like on the wine list, it’s you who need to broaden your wine horizon – not them. Radegast is a year-round place, with al fresco drinking during summer and a cosy fireplace during those long and cold Oslo winters. Perfect for Saturday afternoons, and they do serve some cheese and charcuterie platt...

  17. Address: Markveien 58, Oslo

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    Although only established in 2014, Territoriet on Grünerløkka is already firmly established as a mainstay on the Oslo wine scene. Pre-2014, Oslo was rather dry concerning wine bars – not anymore, however, and we can thank Territoriet a lot for their trailblazing work. The bar is not very much larger than “a hole in the wall”, intimate for sure and may get busy and crowded late at night during weekends and leading up to weekends. Their by-the-glass program is massive – the widest selection in town. Contemporary and raw interiors, with wines leaning towards the more classical regions/styles, h...