Gunnar Skoglund

Oslo Ambassador


Gunnar Skoglund was born under the Northern Lights, on a cold February morning, many moons ago. He migrated southwards to Oslo 25 years ago, and has experienced first-hand the city’s wine scene turnaround from zero to hero. His growing interest in wine led to a drive to learn more, and along the way, he did both the WSET Level 3 certificate (2010) as well as the formal Sommelier education (2014); all this while his day job was in the finance industry. In 2012, he even squeezed in time to do the garagiste winemaking course at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. Admittedly he has zero vintages under his belt to date. But one day...

In 2011 his passion for both wine and writing encouraged him to start the blog “Husets Vin” (House Wine). Three years later, it was awarded best drinks blog by VG, Norway's largest newspaper, at the Matprisen Award Show. This award also opened the door for his first (and only) book on wine, also named “Husets Vin”, published in 2015.

The year after, he left his career in finance, as one of the leading Norwegian wine importers, Vinarius, gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. It meant a significant pay cut from his previous career, but a whole lot of fun, and finally being able to go all in and pursue a full-time opportunity in the wine industry. It was just too tempting to resist.

Fast forward to 2024. He has no regrets whatsoever - although left Vinarius at the end of 2023 for starting up the brand new wine importing company Bona Fide Wines.

Gunnar has been an avid user and enthusiast of Star Wine List since its inception. He always consults it before booking hotels when traveling to new cities — always trying to score a hotel within walking distance of a starred wine bar.

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