First ever Newcomer List award in Asia goes to Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic

Jury member Reeze Choi; Pieter Du Toit, DAOU; Alexis Boisseau, Cristal Room by Anne Sophie Pic; Krister Bengtsson, Star Wine List. Photo by Ray Leung.
Andreas Grube
Published 29-May-2024

One-Michelin-starred Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic in Hong Kong won the category Best Newcomer List when Star Wine List of the Year Asia was celebrated for the second time on May 29. This was the first time Newcomer is represented as category in Asia, and it was presented by DAOU.

“Creating such a poised, diverse, exciting, complex, wide-ranging yet focused beverage program – from the wines to the tea to the spirits – is not a small feat! The team at Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic really did an amazing job to offer one of the most stimulating programs in Asia," said jury member Pascaline Lepeltier.

"I too am a newcomer in Hong Kong but I have worked for Anne-Sophie for seven years now. I want to thank her for believing in me a long time ago, and also to Paz Levinson (Chef sommelier for the group, Editor's note). She is an incredible sommelier and she helps me every day. Thank you so much," said the restaurant's Alexis Boisseau.

Culinary genius Anne-Sophie Pic, the chef with ten Michelin stars worldwide, has created award winning restaurants in several places around the world – a few of them also listed on Star Wine List. Cristal Room in Hong Kong opened in November 2023 at the iconic Forty-Five Landmark in the heart of the city.

On Anne-Sophie Pic's homepage, the restaurant is described like this: "Diners enjoy dishes that reflect the chef’s culinary signature and revisit the codes of Far Eastern gastronomy, all in an enchanting setting overlooking the famous Victoria Harbour".

The Silver Star winners in the newcomer category were:

CYCLE, Tokyo, Japan
Don Alfonso 1890, Macau
Inddee, Bangkok, Thailand
Komuro 小室, Shenzhen, China
Le Mont, Singapore
Potager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Unwined Plus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Yi Pavilion, Shenzhen, China

Asia is included to our 2023-2024 International tour, and this was the second time we were running it in Asia. The event was held live during Vinexpo in Hong Kong on May 29. Chi-Fu is now qualified for the International Final in Stockholm in June where they will face off with winners from around the world.


The jury for the second Star Wine List of the Year competition in Asia included a top line-up of esteemed wine experts. The four-person panel consisted of:

The jury panel.

• Heidi Mäkinen, Master of Wine
• Reeze Choi, Third Best Sommelier of the World 2023 (ASI)
• Pascaline Lepeltier, Best Sommelier of France 2018
• Julie Dupouy-Young, several times named the Best Sommelier of Ireland

Categories and criteria

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The criteria for the jury are straightforward but not simple: Vote for the most exciting wine list representing the category.

Read about the terms and how Star Wine List judges the wine lists here.

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