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A wonderful place nestled by the busy Kreuzberg canal. Sebastian Frank, named Best Chef in Europe 2018, has a very unique approach to his kitchen: He is Austrian and is cooking with his childhood memories! He and his team take on traditional Austrian recipes – he goes as far back as the Austro-Hungarian Empire – and brings those memories to the modern age. For Sebastian, vegetables are equal to meat and fish but be aware; this is not a vegetarian restaurant!

About the Horváth Wine List

The wine list contains mostly wines from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire; Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. This is a bold statement in the German capital (where Germans love their German wines), but it totally fits with the restaurant's philosophy. I also must admit that I'm a big admirer of their non-alcoholic pairings, which is changing with the menus. Outside the box thinking, courageous combination of flavours, yet very down to earth.

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