The wine guide to 17 Michelin star restaurants in Berlin 2024

In Berlin and looking for some high-class food – paired with​ some amazing wine? Here is the guide to the best Michelin starred restaurants with great wine lists in the German capital.

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  1. Phone: +49 30 24628760

    Address: Chausseestraße 8, Berlin

    Rutz is really an institution in Berlin. It was founded in 2001 and is still alive and kicking, which is a statement in itself! Lasting that long in the cruel world of gastronomy and still being in the foreground of the industry is remarkable. As you enter Rutz, you will find yourself in their wine bar. Here in this cosy ambience, you can order small sharing dishes to go with a glass of wine, or a bottle. If you feel adventurous, take the onyx stairs to their three Michelin star restaurant where your culinary trip can carry on!

  2. Phone: +49 30 25937930

    Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, Berlin

    Restaurant Tim Raue has set the bar very high in culinary Berlin. This two-Michelin star restaurant has been amongst the best in the world since it opened in 2010 and still seek for excellence on a daily basis. The Asian-inspired cuisine mixes Thai aromas, Japanese art and Chinese multi-cultured philosophy. What’s also remarkable is that the entire menu is lactose-free and that those who are vegan can enjoy a whole menu free of animal products! By the way, did you know that Tim Raue is the only German Chef featured in the Netflix series “Chef’s Table”?

  3. Phone: +49 30 61289992

    Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a, Berlin

    International Medium-Sized List of the Year, presented by Dreissigacker 2024

    A wonderful place nestled by the busy Kreuzberg canal. Sebastian Frank, named Best Chef in Europe 2018, has a very unique approach to his kitchen: He is Austrian and is cooking with his childhood memories! He and his team take on traditional Austrian recipes – he goes as far back as the Austro-Hungarian Empire – and brings those memories to the modern age. For Sebastian, vegetables are equal to meat and fish but be aware; this is not a vegetarian restaurant!

  4. Phone: +49 30 590051234

    Address: Potsdamer Straße 3, Berlin

    A true oasis in the middle of Berlin! Up here on the 5th floor of the hotel "The Mandala" you can sit on the small terrace with chestnut trees and a fountain! It belongs to the chic, light and airy roof garden restaurant, in which, thanks to the all-round glazing, you almost feel like you're outdoors. Beautiful bamboo plants provide an Asian touch. But it’s the food that really raises the roof. Chef Michael Kempf takes his inspiration from his home country and as far afield as the Americas and Asia. The creative dishes are full of flavour and aromas, including the great desserts. All this is r...

  5. Phone: +49 30 26021263

    Address: Budapester Straße 2, Berlin

    Located in the Charlottenburg district, on the 14th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, bordering the famous Berlin Zoo, Hugos offers panoramic views of the city, including the Victory Column, Alexanderplatz, and the Memorial Church for example. Hugos’ 360° vista is ideal for celebrating special occasions while sipping wine in an award-winning restaurant. The wine list curated by Manfred Welter is an award-winning list―Best of Award of Excellence 2016 by Wine Spectator―something worth mentioning as German wine lists don’t get this distinction very often. The 300-strong list covers all the m...

  6. Phone: +49 30 680730448

    Address: Behrenstraße 55, Berlin

    Back in 2007, there were no recipes and no rules for a vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Berlin. So, at Cookies Cream, they created a cuisine of their own, which is about using modern techniques of processing, as well as old knowledge of ingredients. During growing time, they get most of their supplies freshly harvested from their farmer in Krielow/Brandenburg. Cookies Cream is ever changing and never the same. Cookies Cream was selected as the best vegetarian restaurant in Berlin by the Guide Michelin in 2018 and has been awarded one star every year since. Nowadays it offers a full vegan...

  7. Phone: +49 30 49207242

    Address: Köpenicker Straße 174, Berlin

    Richard Restaurant from Swiss Chef Hans Richard is a gem, situated in a somewhat awkward part of Berlin. It is about a five-minute walk from Schlesiches Tor on Köpenicker Strasse in Kreuzberg. During the day, sunlight shines through stained glass of the building’s original windows, casting different lights across tables and onto art on the walls. Richard offers French-inspired cuisine à la Ducasse, which tantalises the tastebuds through an unusual combination of well-known and innovative dishes. Hans Richard describes the cuisine of the restaurant as modern and classic. The selection is wel...

  8. Phone: +49 30 84421362

    Address: Senefelderstraße 30, Berlin

    The atmosphere here is neighbourly, almost intimate―you immediately feel welcome! This is due both to the appealing bistro setting and to the cordial and professional proprietor and sommelier Fabian Fischer. He has a pleasingly personal touch in his dealings with guests and a clear enthusiasm when it comes to recommending the most suitable wine. Steven Zeidler is in charge in the kitchen. His set menu creatively combines regional tradition with influences from across the globe. A 100% vegetarian set menu is also available. Good to know: there are also a few small tables to be had on the paveme...

  9. Phone: +49 30 4530532620

    Address: Landsberger Allee 106, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year DACH 2024

    If you are looking for a place where you can dine and drink in breath-taking views of Berlin, Skykitchen is without fail the cream of the crop. The name clearly holds the promise: you dine on the twelfth floor of the surprisingly well-appointed hotel Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. From every seat you can look out over the cosmopolitan city of Berlin. Super cool–it’s great view, really! The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant, being modern but not over the top. It’s all a bit dark, even cosy in a sense. A structure standing in the middle, into which you can see through a few windows, ho...

  10. Phone: +49 30 91496396

    Address: Friedelstraße 47, Berlin

    Special Jury Prize Germany, presented by Martha's 2021

    In 2019, CODA received a Michelin star, making history as the first desserts-only restaurant to be honoured in over 100 years of the guide. To make the matter even bigger, CODA got awarded with their second star in 2020.

  11. Phone: +49 30 67302051

    Address: Torstraße 167, Berlin

    ​Over the years, this former kebab stand in the heart of Berlin has developed into probably the smallest restaurant with a Michelin star in Germany. Since 2012, they are offering a relaxed, modern fine dining concept – in 2016 awarded with one star in the Michelin Guide and 16 points by Gault & Millau. The young and ambitious team serves only up to 18 guests at the time with their French-oriented cuisine, so please make sure to book in advance. The restaurant bears the name of a small harbour town in the south of France, named after the famous wine region Bandol in the south of Provence. Arti...

  12. Phone: +49 30 25940610

    Address: Friedrichstraße 218, Berlin

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year DACH, presented by Nyetimber 2024

    All this restaurant's produce come from the area of Berlin and its neighbouring regions; If it does not grow around here, it won't be on your plate. That is the simple philosophy for this venue, one of the best addresses in Berlin. You will either have a seat at the long table by the kitchen or, if you're a group, at your own long table with the host himself. Once inside, you will forget that you are indeed a few steps away from Checkpoint Charlie. Please reserve your seat well in advance!

  13. Phone: +49 30 89064222

    Address: Potsdamer Straße 58, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2021

    ​Golvet is a one-of-a-kind place in Berlin, located in one of the best venues in Berlin (an old and very famous nightclub). Golvet is a serious contradiction, fitting extremely well in Berlin – the food and service is neither casual nor fine dining; it is personal, it is regional yet European, classical French with an American dialect! The executive Chef Jonas Zörner took over from Björn Swanson in 2020. As our Scandinavian readers will realise, the name is very Swedish – just the name of the restaurant. Golvet means ”the floor” – and it is situated on the 8th floor, overlooking Berlin's Tie...

  14. Phone: +49 30 23000555

    Address: Potsdamer Straße 102, Berlin

    Between old and new, East and West, shabby and chic (this is Berlin!), Irma la Douce is the pure enjoyment of French-inspired cuisine. Located on Potsdamer Straße, a Berlin institution with a lot of history, the whole world collides here: Art galleries and designer boutiques exist alongside huge Turkish supermarkets and upscale restaurants. After all, Potsdamer Straße, with its many facets, has been an old Berlin centre for entertainment and nightlife for decades. This place is all about ’joie de vivre’ and enjoyment, with French roots (I should know this, me being French after all). Irma la...

  15. Phone: +49 30 54710861

    Address: Fritschestraße 48, Berlin

    International By the Glass List of the Year 2023

    Raised in Tel Aviv, Gal Ben Moshe has been familiar with the flavours of the Levant since childhood. Inspired by an Islamic scholar friend, Gal also explored the lost traditions of medieval cuisine in these regions. But Prism draws its inspiration not only from the Levant or from the extended Middle Eastern region, but also​ Central European and Scandinavian cuisine when it leads to meaningful culinary contexts. The mix of strong spices in contrast with harmonious tastes, is one thing that makes Prism unique in Berlin. For Gal, reinventing Middle Eastern cuisine also means rediscovering ingre...

  16. Phone: +49 30 41956687

    Address: Fichtestraße 24, Berlin

    ​In 2015, Head Chef Maximilian Strohe and his language-loving partner Ilona Scholl took over this venue, that used to house a classic French bistro, and spiced things up a few steps. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by Ilona Scholl and her all-female service team, dressed to match the leafy pattern on the wall behind them. A nice touch, and so is your name charcoaled on the plain wood of your table and printed out on your menu. It’s a sparse but cosy space, rustic wood and old tiles oozing bygone Alpine holidays. In many ways, what has become Tulus Lotrek’s visual signature epi...

  17. Phone: +49 030 789 59 001

    Address: Vorbergstraße 10 a, Berlin

    "Reduced to the essentials" is the concept of Faelt. But if you think that you will be served small plates and serious product patronage, you are wrong! Chef and owner Björn Swanson plates seductive aromas with humour. Björn is well-known in the Berlin Gastro scene, receiving his first Michelin Star at Golvet in Tiergarten before opening this place in October 2020 – just before the second lockdown – and in time to receive a new Michelin Star in March 2021! The name, Faelt, emphasizes Swanson's Swedish family roots and means field. At the same time, it is a reference to the chef's sustainable p...