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Berlin, Germany

Nobelhart und Schmutzig Wine List

About Nobelhart und Schmutzig

All this restaurant's produce come from the area of Berlin and its neighbouring regions; If it does not grow around here, it won't be on your plate. That is the simple philosophy for this venue, one of the best addresses in Berlin. You will either have a seat at the long table by the kitchen or, if you're a group, at your own long table with the host himself. Once inside, you will forget that you are indeed a few steps away from Checkpoint Charlie. Please reserve your seat well in advance!

About the Nobelhart und Schmutzig Wine List

The wine list (the entire beverage list as a matter of fact) translates the philosophy of the restaurant and the ideas of its owner, Billy Wagner, perfectly. Billy is one of the most controversial personalities in the gastro industry, but also a brilliant visionary. The wines selected are like him – pure and sensitive, no chichi, no make up, just straight forward. And regional consideration is essential. Let Billy's and his team's expertise guide you through the night and just indulge yourself!

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  • This venue has clearly given a lot of thought not only to their beverage selection but also to the presentation and the explanation of their choices and their ways of work. Very unique list which with its significant amount of references rightly deserves the grand prix, says jury member Heidi Mäkinen MW about the winning Grand Prix list.

  • A mind blowingly fascinating and exciting list for lovers of all bubbly things. Superb selection of beers, including an impressive collection of Gueuse and Lambic. Incredible offering of cidres and other fermented fruit beverages and of course great selection of classical sparkling wines. Chapeau! says Julie Dupouy-Young about Nobelhart und Schmutzig's gold in Best Sparkling Wine List.

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