31 top wine restaurants in New York City 2024

New York is the epicenter of wine in the US, so be prepared to browse some serious wine lists as you dig into this guide to great wine restaurants.

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  1. Phone: (917) 663-6223

    Address: 63 Clinton Street, New York

    There are very few teams in New York City that have worked together as long as Chef Sam Clonts and co-owner Raymond Trinh. They started their work career 10 years ago at 3-Michelin Star Brooklyn Fare, and then moved to 1-Star Bar Uchū. Finally, they decided to open their own concept, with the intent that fine dining doesn’t have to be pretentious. The food blends French, Japanese and southwestern cuisine into a tasting menu meant for people for all walks of life. The owners wanted the feel to be akin to having been welcomed into their home—boy, do I wish I had food like this at my house. The...

  2. Address: 104 East 30th Street, New York

    From the chef behind the ever-popular Atoboy came the 12 seat, reservation only Korean fine dining restaurant Atomix. Chef Junghyun Park’s “New Korean” tasting menu draws inspiration not only from his home of Korea, but also nods to his time working as a chef in London and New Zealand. The current menu is nine courses, and the menu tends to lean very heavily towards vegetables and fish. While the food is incredibly complex and technique driven, there is always something comforting about the flavors. The wine list at Atomix is first and foremost there to compliment the food. Due to the menu’...

  3. Phone: +1 212 613-8660

    Address: 400 5th Avenue #2, New York

    Grand Prix New York, presented by Catena Zapata 2023

    Escape the world and bustling 5th Avenue and enter the Italian fine dining restaurant Ai Fiori. Located on the second floor of the Langham Hotel, only steps from the New York Public Library. The discrete space in brown and beige is made for couples, Italian families and power lunches alike. On our latest visit, two guys that both sounded very much like Kendall Roy in HBO's Succession discussed cap tables and funding at the table next to us. The venue is classic, the service is old school, yet forthcoming and the food is very good. In fact, this is the only place in the world where I've ordered...

  4. Phone: (833) 446-8666

    Address: 98 Kenmare Street, New York

    Bar Pasquale is the newest venture from Delicious Hospitality, the group behind Charlie Bird, Legacy Records and Pasquale Jones. (Full disclosure: I am the Beverage Director for the whole group.) While Pasquale Jones has always had its heart in Naples, Bar Pasquale focuses on Sicily. Both the food and the wine list are inspired by the time the team traveled together throughout the region. The wine list has a big focus on small producers from many of the sub-regions of Sicily. While Sicilian-focused, the list keeps a fair number of bottles on hand from the rest of Europe, as well as a small s...

  5. Phone: (212) 235-7133

    Address: 5 King Street, New York

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year New York, presented by Premium Estates of Austria 2024

    Charlie Bird is a restaurant in Manhattan, New York City. The vibe at Charlie Bird is hard to describe at first. Yet it is a restaurant that more and more people try to emulate. It's an awkward elongated space, it can be loud and the "ambiance" of the busy 6th Avenue outside the windows certainly isn't serene. Yet, Charlie Bird is about comfort. About taking all the pretention out of dining. It's a place you can show up to in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, eat an unfussy, well-cooked meal and drink world-class wine. The wine list is short and heavily slanted towards the classics of Europe...

  6. Phone: (917) 261-6791

    Address: 90 East 10th Street, New York

    Owners Chase and Josh have had a lot of time to plan their perfect restaurant and, boy, does it show. The duo met when Chase was working as the Wine Director at Momofuku Ko and Josh was the Corporate Chef for the group. They wanted a restaurant that combined the vibe of a French and English bistro, with the cuisine representing the French food woven through Josh’s history, with some Asian flair snuck in. The wine list in its entirety hovers around 800 references; however, there is a daily shortlist with a more navigable 250 references, 50 of which are under $100. The list is sorted alphabeti...

  7. Phone: (212) 580-3572

    Address: 94 Chambers Street #1, New York

    Sustainable Wine List of the Year New York, presented by Lingua Franca 2024

    While many of the key players from Racine’s are still around, there is something unbelievably fresh and new about the feeling at Chambers. The food menu is charmingly broken up into the categories of First, Then, Followed By, and With. The food is extremely seasonal, driven by what is available that day at the market, and while the vibe is down-to-earth, the food and ambience are elegant and exciting. The wine list at Chambers is an absolute gem, which is no surprise as Pascaline Lepeltier is one of the partners. There are glasses of wine starting at $9 (a thing that is slowly disappearing f...

  8. Phone: (212) 401-7986

    Address: 16 West 22nd Street b/w 5th & 6th Avenue, New York

    Cote has been self-described as a Korean Steakhouse, but it feels like so much more. For $65 you can opt for the butcher’s feast, which incorporates four selected cuts of A5 beef and a slew of accompanying sides. While the steak Omakase isn’t cheap at $185 a person, it’s one of the best dinners you can have in New York. During covid lockdown I ate quite a bit of take out, and trust me, the food travels well too. The wine list at Cote is what initially drew me in, which makes sense if you look at the folks who run it. They love large format wine, and you should definitely book a large party a...

  9. Phone: (212) 517-1932

    Address: 70 Pine Street, New York

    Crown Shy opened in the financial district early 2019 and is a partnership between the chef James Kent, formerly of The NoMad, and Jeff Katz, managing partner at Del Posto. The building is a 67-stories beauty from 1932 that was recently converted into apartments and hotel rooms. The venue is expansive and beautiful, and the food has earned rave reviews, but we would like to point out the wine selection (see below). The place is busy and appreciated by financial types and wine lovers alike. (The name? It refers to tall trees, and yes, you can guess the address or find it here on the page). The...

  10. Phone: (929) 367-7370

    Address: 87 MacDougal Street, New York

    Best Short List of the Year New York 2024

    Dame is arguably one of the hardest seats to book in New York City, and there’s good reason for that. Chef Ed Szymanski’s food and wine list is playful, serious, reasonable and delicious all at the same time. This self-proclaimed “micro restaurant” has just 22 seats, but the playful English seafood restaurant is packed thanks to the lively bold flavors combined with a farmers' market sensibility that it offers. Think oysters with chartreuse and the best fish and chips you have ever had. While Dame uses the same seafood purveyor that you might find at any 3-Michelin Star restaurant, Ed and Patr...

  11. Phone: (212) 288-0033

    Address: 60 East 65th Street, New York

    Even though Daniel Boulud's classic French cooking may have fallen from grace in the eyes of some critics, this still is one of the temples of food and wine you must visit in the city. Dress up, come early and grab a Martini at the bar. Study the tome that is the wine list while waiting for your company. Marvel at the effortless skill and elegance of the service team. You're going to eat and drink extraordinarily well and dream of simpler times.

  12. Phone: (212) 889-0905

    Address: 11 Madison Avenue, New York

    Grand Prix New York 2024

    Eleven Madison Park is a restaurant in Manhattan, New York City. A temple of gastronomy and for many, a must visit. The wine list is similarly impressive and expansive. The team has built what can only be described as a dream list. Not cheap, but then again, if you've secured a reservation at one of the world's most praised restaurants, skimping probably isn't your number one concern. The wine list at Eleven Madison Park stretches to more 200 pages and apart from California, it is mostly focused on Europe. Interestingly, Corsica has earned its own section.

  13. Phone: (212) 717-9798

    Address: 1411 3rd Avenue, New York

    Eli's Table is a restaurant in Manhattan, New York City. Although not as much of a hidden gem as it used to be, the wine list at Eli's Table is still full of great, mature wine at very fair prices, especially given the neighborhood.

  14. Phone: (917) 909-1427

    Address: 348 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

    On the border of Park Slope and Prospect heights is the ever difficult to get into, Fausto. Erin Shambura’s menu is full of incredible house made pastas, but I can never resist the chicken and the arancini. I always joke that you can judge everything you need to know about a restaurant by their chicken, and it certainly applies here, because both are great. The wine list has a great selection of wine from all over, but mostly focuses on French, Italian & American wine. There are always hidden gems on the list, some with a great amount of bottle age. My move is to have a cocktail at the bar w...

  15. Phone: 929) 367-7370

    Address: 215 Union Street, Brooklyn

    The team from Popina has opened another restaurant, this time inspired by a British chop house. When opening Gus’s Chop House they decided to “New Yorkify” a French bistro/ London chop house, while remaining an everyday restaurant that caters to how people like to eat in New York. While the focus is on the chops, the market sides are there to complement them. The menu changes frequently and the starters are incredible too; think hash browns with trout roe, pâté, and rillettes. The goal of the wine program was to create another great neighborhood restaurant that's also a wine destination with...

  16. Phone: (917) 966-5300

    Address: 238 Malcolm X Boulevard, Brooklyn

    L'Antagoniste is a Great French bistro in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. You won’t be disappointed with the food here, but the wine is the star of the show. Some amazing bottles, at (for New York City) amazing prices.

  17. Phone: (917) 748-3248

    Address: 517 West 38th Street, New York

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year New York 2023

    Recently re-opened after a long covid closure, Legacy Records is finally back and serving chef Ryan Hardy’s Italian inspired fare. Handmade pasta, raw bar and an incredible honey lacquered duck breast are not to be missed. In typical Delicious Hospitality fashion, the lighting is dim, the music is loud, and the decor is on point. Don’t forget to grab a cocktail at Ada’s Place upstairs before or after your meal. There’s Tarragona Chartreuse waiting for you… The wine list focuses heavily on French and Italian wine, but there is a smattering of wines from all over the world. Due to covid closure...

  18. Phone: (212) 970-2202

    Address: 85 10th Avenue, New York

    Best Short List of the Year New York 2023

    Disco Ball pizza oven, check. Epic playlists, check. What feels like a gift to the neighborhood by Melissa Rodrigues and the team behind Al Coro, Mel’s serves as a more casual sidekick to the fine dining Al Coro. With artisanal pizza selections accompanied by seasonal fare, don’t skimp on the array of dipping sauces for your pizza crust. If you feel like partying afterward, try your luck at getting into Discolo, the 85 Tenth Avenue team’s Cocktail Club. The wine list at Mel’s is compact, with roughly 65 references. While that might seem on the smaller side, the list is constantly changing, so...

  19. Phone: (646) 869-9310

    Address: 60 Canal Street, New York

    Corner Bar at the Nine Orchard Hotel is the newest venture from Mattos Hospitality (Estela, Lodi and Altro Paradiso). The menu, like the wine list, features new American cuisine with plenty of European influences. Don’t skip out on the raw bar; on my last visit, that was an absolute highlight. Right through the lobby you will find the Swan Room, a beautiful lobby bar that transports you back to its former iteration, the Jarmulowsky Bank building which was built in 1912. While the whole wine list is available throughout the entire building (yes, in your room for room service too!) the focus her...

  20. Phone: (646) 892-3050

    Address: 128 1st Avenue, New York

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year New York, presented by Premium Estates of Austria 2024

    Noreetuh is a restaurant in New York City. This is an East Village-restaurant I recommend to anyone who visits New York and wants a unique gastronomical experience. The chef-sommelier duo both hail from Hawaii and like no one else in NYC, champion a cuisine that for most, is underexplored. Expect: rice, fermented stuff, seafood, pork, and yes, spam! It's different and delicious. The wine list isn't huge, but there are plenty of great bottles, at great prices, especially when it comes to Riesling and Burgundy - just what you want with this kind of food.

  21. Address: 1 White Street, New York

    Best Long List of the Year New York 2024

    One White Street is a culmination of two great minds in hospitality, Chef Austin Johnson and Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson. Located in one of the most iconic buildings in Tribeca, this restaurant keeps true to the allure of the address. There is a more casual restaurant (some might call it a fancy wine bar vibe?) downstairs, with a tasting menu upstairs. No matter where you wind up, you are in for a serious treat. The wine list at One White Street is separated into categories like: “Bright and Refreshing” and “Floral and Fragrant” for the whites. For reds we have: “Noble Red Fruit” and “Rou...

  22. Address: 187 Mulberry Street, New York

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year New York, presented by Premium Estates of Austria 2024

    Pasquale Jones is a restaurant in New York City. Commonly called "PJ", a large part of the footprint of this little gem of a restaurant is taken up by the two huge wood-burning ovens. Pizza is naturally a prominent part of the menu, and I dare say you can't drink better wine with pizza anywhere. Drink some white Burgundy with the instant classic “Little Neck clam pie”, and some mature Italian with the amazing roasted pork shank. There is a weekly wine list, but there is a much more extensive list if you ask the wine team. (Pasquale Jones is part of the Delicious Hospitality Group where Sta...