63 Clinton


New York City, USA

About 63 Clinton

There are very few teams in New York City that have worked together as long as Chef Sam Clonts and co-owner Raymond Trinh. They started their work career 10 years ago at 3-Michelin Star Brooklyn Fare, and then moved to 1-Star Bar Uchū. Finally, they decided to open their own concept, with the intent that fine dining doesn’t have to be pretentious. The food blends French, Japanese and southwestern cuisine into a tasting menu meant for people for all walks of life. The owners wanted the feel to be akin to having been welcomed into their home—boy, do I wish I had food like this at my house.

The wine list at 63 Clinton is focused on place, terroir and on sharing moments with people. The team all met and bonded over their love of Champagne, and the rest of list focuses on Old World classics and sake. With over 300 references, the goal is to provide world-class, food-friendly wines that take you on the journey of the team’s careers. The mission is to remind everyone that every day should be a celebration, and that celebration should include Champagne.

Wine team

  • SC
    Sam Clonts
    Chef, co-owner
  • RT
    Raymond Trinh
    Hospitality Director, co-owner

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