One White Street


New York City, USA

One White Street Wine List

About One White Street

One White Street is a culmination of two great minds in hospitality, Chef Austin Johnson and Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson. Located in one of the most iconic buildings in Tribeca, this restaurant keeps true to the allure of the address. There is a more casual restaurant (some might call it a fancy wine bar vibe?) downstairs, with a tasting menu upstairs. No matter where you wind up, you are in for a serious treat.

The wine list at One White Street is separated into categories like: “Bright and Refreshing” and “Floral and Fragrant” for the whites. For reds we have: “Noble Red Fruit” and “Rounded and Fruit Forward”. Regardless of how you categorize your drink preferences, there is an abundance of delicious wine to be had.

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